The Question: To Save? To Spend?

image credit: Google


There are savers, and there are spenders. Some need to lighten up; Some need to shape up. It’s all about your goals; your priorities. If you’re feeling a pinch that’s lasted a bit too long, reward yourself for the saving you’ve been doing. That doesn’t mean throw money into the wind, it means take a breather. AND it doesn’t have to cost much—if anything.

If you’re serious about saving for something, but  also really need something enjoyable to do in the near future, it’s time to get creative. Here’s one of the many websites I found when I search “Free fun things to do”

If you are going to spend money rather than save it, just be sure you do it consciously. Going out on the town for a couple drinks? Then leave your credit card at home. Bring $20 with you. When you’re out, it’s time for drinking water. You may find if you let the bar tender know you’re the designated driver, and give them a good tip in advance, they’ll treat your request for water with a lot more respect than someone who’s just taking their time and not tipping. You could also ask your friends to pay for your non-alcoholic drinks. (If I were your friend, I’d go for that, but I’d hold you responsible to tip the bartender well.)

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