Spirit and Money Matters. Teaching, demonstrating and inspiring people to live at higher levels of consciousness. Spirit is thought. Money is form. Both are important.

This monthly blog weaves Spirit and money together. It’s all energy. It’s all God. It’s all good. Take a deep breath, and know you live in an abundant universe. You are supported by Life!


“My dear friend Claudia brings great integrity, wonderful experience and a clear vision to her work. Everything she has done for our center has been very practical and extremely successful. I am happy to see her spread her talents out into the universe.”

Dr. Jane Claypool, Founder and Co-Pastor, Center for Spiritual Living, Carlsbad

“Having Claudia Mulcahy as a coach was an incredible experience for me. She taught me to see where I was spending my money and to analyze whether the expenditure was necessary. The spiritual approach to money is where the real progress was made. I now look at money in a totally different light. I now know God intended for me to be prosperous and the pursuit of happiness will result in money for me.”

Carol Fusco, Multiple Business Owner

“Rev. Claudia is organized, clear, direct, and has an intuitive sense for what will work. She has an incredible ability to tailor systems to meet the specific needs of every client. She quickly recognizes the issues and cuts to the chase. Her solutions are spot-on!”

Anne McHale, Dir. of Training, Peak Potentials Training

“I attended Rev. Claudia Mulcahy’s workshop at the 2008 annual International Centers for Spiritual Living summer conference, where she outlined the work she’s done entitled, Welcoming Wealth. I was impressed with her enthusiasm and depth of spiritual understanding regarding the Divine as expressed through our individual treasure. I’m looking forward to the presentation she’ll give my Center this fall.”

Rev. Andy Torkelson, Pastor, Center for Spiritual Living, Paradise, CA

“A workshop that makes you stop and think about what you really want, and how to use money to empower and expand your prosperity consciousness.  Rev. Claudia is supportive, clear and delightful.”

Rev. Christine Jeffers, Founding Minister, Center for Spiritual Living, Marysville/ Yuba City, CA

“Rev. Claudia lives the principles of our teaching. Through her practical application of Spirituality and Integrity, she guides you to set priorities and reveal the root cause of prosperity consciousness. In turn, you are enriched with tools and techniques to clear the way to “Welcome Wealth” into your life.”

Rev. John Poleski, Senior Minister, San Diego Center for Spiritual Living, CA

“Claudia has an exceptional way of helping budget without feeling overwhelmed. We worked together and I came away with positive energy due to knowing what would be ahead of me in my financial house.  She is a great resource and can provide a good balance between budgeting and creating positive energy to move you forward.”

Diane K., Carlsbad, CA

“Thanks, Claudia, for an informative and thoughtful workshop. I have begun to see how I can rework both my attitude and my budget to better serve me. . .”

Kirstin P., Carmel Valley, CA

“I’m so grateful for today. You helped me move forward and take a practical step in organizing my finances. I’s so excited to start! Thanks for making it understandable and feasible. I feel empowered to do this now.”

Name withheld upon request, Granada Hills, CA

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