Do you have a pair of shoes? How abundant you are! You have access to a computer. How abundant you are! How abundant you are! No matter what comes up when you looks at your numbers – go back to recognizing how abundant you are. Open up your refrigerator at home – if there’s food in it, that’s abundance! The fact you have a refrigerator, and that it’s plugged in are two more pieces of evidence that you’re abundant. Transportation. Private or public, you have it. Roof over your head?

Are you committed enough to fill a notebook page of things for which you’re grateful? Do it for a week. Maybe even a month. You’ll see your attitude shift. If you know you won’t do that, don’t beat yourself up, but take some action. Make a list – written or verbal – of ten things, events or people for which you’re grateful. (Do it now.)

© 2012 Claudia Mulcahy