Evidence Based Spiritual Practice

evidence based practice

The wind blows, but you cannot see it. You see evidence of it by the leaves on the trees moving. You feel the cool air on your skin. You may even hear rustling noises—but you don’t see it. “I’ll believe it when I see it.” No! You’ll see it when you believe it! If you’re not familiar with Wayne Dyer, he wrote a book titled, You’ll see it when you believe it. Well worth a read.

You don’t see the wind, does that mean the wind doesn’t exist? It can blow buildings  down, and it can supply energy for cities. Wind power can be a sailor’s dream, or deadly nightmare.

What could you see in your life if you believed in it? I believe we are channels for the Universal Power at all times. It’s impersonal, but we personalize It.

I think this story is about Edwene Gains, but we’ve all had something similar. As the story goes, she identified with prosperity and abundance when she had almond-stuffed green olives. They were expensive, and it was a rare treat to have them. Opulence!

A friend invited her on a cruise, already paid for. At the time this was a big, extravagant event for her. She went and set the intention to feel the energy of abundance. To take in the wealth, and feel rich!

One night at dinner, her plate—not the plate of anyone else’s at her table, but her plate had an almond-stuffed green olive on top of her meal. To her, this was the pinnacle of feeling the abundance all around her. Not only around her, but for her. For her!

How in tune are we with abundance? We say we want it, but do we think, talk and act like it, or do we wish, hope, and bemoan what isn’t in our hand right now. If there’s a feeling of not having, it’s a feeling of lack, and that pushes what you want further away. Think of it this way: when you daydream of living a certain life, you catch yourself smiling, and feeling great. When you wish, or look back with regrets, you catch yourself frowning and feeling sad. Both activities are directing the universe. Which scenario do you want the Universe to answer? It will answer the stronger lead.