Your grandmother was right. You are a bundle of energy! Everything is energy. That includes money, too. When you break anything down to its sub-sub particle level, you’ll find more space than matter, and the energy particles will be in motion.

Energy isn’t “good” or “bad”, it’s neutral. Money isn’t good or bad, either. It’s our perception and use of money that stirs up emotions. Spend some time searching your belief system about money. Are people filthy rich? Is money the root of all evil? Does money equate power? Does living without what you want make you more evolved? Does stockpiling ensure you’ll have what you want later?

Be OK with your answers. If you find a belief you want to change, take steps to anchor your new belief. For example, If you previously held the belief rich people were snobs, you might want to go to a place “rich” people go. (Walk through a ritzy store, try on the jewelry, outfits. . .) It is not about spending money. It’s about changing a belief system. How do you feel in that atmosphere? If you’re not enjoying it, try another place on a different day. Make an effort to feel you belong there.  If you feel you don’t, that feeling will mirror back to you.

Monitor your feelings, thoughts and actions during this exercise. Do you feel uncomfortable? Resentful? Or are you enjoying the experience? What actions are you taking to show the universe — or yourself, that you can take care of wealth? How are you talking about money? How are you dressed? (This is about being “put together” neatly, not about buying a new outfit.) Did you wash your car before going on this outing? How about removing the month old chip bag from the back seat?

Go prove your grandmother right, you bundle of energy!

Have fun!