Good Vibrations


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Confidence is more than attitude, it’s a vibration of energy.  Fear is also a vibration of energy. When you vibrate at a positive level, you become a walking magnet for good people and things to come your way. If you drop some money, someone will call out to let you know. Or, you won’t drop money. You may even find money.

When you vibrate at a negative level, you still become a walking magnet—but for people to kick you when you’re down, take advantage of you, or for things to break down, delays, or just not work in flow.

On either side of the coin, you’ll attract the matching reality to your vibration. If you make a habit of feeling excited, joyful, and satisfied, those energies will tip the scale in your vibration, and results cannot but match those vibrations. If you’re not at the vibration you’d like right now, sit for ten minutes with this. Shift your vibration. Your vibration will not shift after something good happens. Good things will happen when you shift your vibration.

If you do consciously shift your vibration then say, “It worked for half a day, but then it didn’t” check your vibration. It’s easy to fall back into habit. You may start out being very aware of holding exciting thoughts and next time you check, you learn you’ve been worrying about something, or having an argument in your mind with someone who upset you months back.

Before going to bed, you can program your subconscious mind to vibrate at a positive level. Think happy, joyful, exciting thoughts. Feel how you’ll be relieved when the outcome of your problem is solved. Wonderful! Smile your way to sleep. The subconscious mind doesn’t argue. It only says, “Yes!” When you imprint a happy vibrational energy just before going to bed, it’s handed to your subconscious mind for the night. Because your conscious mind isn’t involved, you have a head start on shifting your energy.

The Conscious Mind Guards the Sub-Conscious

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The main function of the conscious mind is to protect the sub-conscious mind; to stand guard. The only thing that limits us is our belief system. By impressing on our own mind with the thoughts and actions of what we desire to experience, we impress the same thoughts on the Universal Mind. This is to pray without ceasing. We don’t need to hold the thought, but know it is already done, and release it. There’s nothing our subconscious doesn’t know. It’s our intuition when properly directed. The sub-conscious mind works all the time—with or without our making any effort. When one falls asleep in front of the TV, the sub-conscious mind is still taking in the commercials, the world news—everything the conscious mind missed. The nature of the sub-conscious mind is to obey and create. It never doubts, questions or initiates. The sub-conscious mind only says, “Yes”.

We have the capacity to choose. Whatever our sub-conscious mind accepts, it will bring to pass. If everyone who ran around saying, “I’m a millionaire” believed it at a sub-conscious level, we’d see a lot more millionaires. (And just because they haven’t manifested it quickly, doesn’t mean they won’t.)

Here are a few things you can do to check in with what you’re thinking:

  • Set an alarm (kitchen, watch, phone…) to go off at random throughout the day. When it goes off, write down what you were thinking about, or your self-talk.
  • In the morning when you awake, notice how you feel, or the very first thing you think, or say.
  • Write an affirmation to use throughout the day. Write it in the present, positive tense, first person. (I am healthy versus I’m not sick, or I’ll be healthy.) Keep it short so you can remember it and repeat it. If you have a goal of paying off your bills start with an affirmation of something like “I am financially wise” instead of “I am a millionaire.” Once you are debt free, or have savings put aside, then you can move the affirmation to the next level. (It’s the feeling, and if you feel discouraged while you’re saying you’re a millionaire, you won’t be one.) Stretch yourself, but not so much that you give up in a week because you feel defeated, and not supported. The idea is to keep moving up the scale, not to stop at the first affirmation you ever do.

It’s all true to the sub-conscious mind

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I encourage you to keep an “answered prayer treatment list.” We pray. We receive. Then what? We often forget, or discredit how great the answered prayer was! We fall back into feeling life doesn’t support us. How can we go into Prayer Treatment expecting it to work when we don’t have the conviction of knowing the answer to our request is already ours? An answered Spiritual Mind Treatment list also acts as a proving ground for our consciousness.

Collective consciousness is one reason to take responsibility for being aware of our thoughts and beliefs. If we float through the day, without taking conscious charge of our own mind, we’ll have hoards of information coming into our sub-conscious mind, without a filter. The sub-conscious mind takes everything in as true. It’s our conscious mind that filters the information.

When I was a social worker, I visited juvenile hall to see a client. As I waited in the room for visitation, I felt sick to my stomach, like I was going to throw up. I thought about the energy in that room. It felt grungy, like the walls had a thick gray coat of anger and sadness on them. Then I thought—They do! I was feeling the collective consciousness of inmates and their visitors over the years in juvenile hall. If I hadn’t been aware of what the feeling was, I would’ve either gotten sick in that room, or felt sick the rest of the day. Instead, I became aware of the situation, and in my mind I put a shield of White Light (God’s Divine protection) around me, and started to “clean” the walls with pink (love). In my mind, I wiped down the walls with my pink sponge. The muck dripped down the walls, graying the space below what I’d just wiped clean. My client was escorted to see me before I finished the room, but I already physically felt better. I encourage anyone to do this exercise when in a place that feels disturbing. Be sure to wrap yourself in Divine protection first. That’s the conscious choice you make to not take on a lower level of vibration or consciousness of others, or the collective consciousness.


  • Think of one thing you can do to help shift collective consciousness in one area. “Clean” walls, send love to the neighborhood, recycle, turn off the news or TV. Seek out positive people and monitor your thoughts – even the “I was just joking” negative talk.  What are you willing to do today?

Cultivating Your Consciousness

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You are responsible for cultivating your consciousness. If you’re using Spiritual Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer) for world travel, is your passport ready? Have you figured out the route, or priced tickets? God works for us to the extent we allow It to work through us.

The Law (Universe, Law of Nature) responds to our thoughts, our beliefs, the directions we give it with conviction, or repetition. We’re responsible for everything that happens to us—”good” “or ‘bad”, and we always have free will to change what happens to us. Everything is perception. “Change your thinking, change your life” is not Pollyanna, but taking responsibility to change one’s thinking, and therefore experience. Look at your life and make a list of things that you’re proud of. Realize that you’re responsible for your consciousness drawing to you these wonderful experiences. We’re the ones who knock on the door, and we’re the ones who answer the door. The impersonal Law requires we work this way.

Make a list of things in your life of which you’re proud. This can be winning a spelling bee in grade school; a hula-hoop contest; physical healings; healings of relationships – or releasing them; going to college; getting that job – whatever you’d give yourself a pat on the back for if you didn’t get caught up in “yeah, but…” or “that would be bragging.” Once you start the list, keep it and add to it. It’ll end up being quite long! You are an expression of God. In what wonderful ways has God expressed through you so far? (Make this fun. On my list I even have things like guessing the right number of candy in the jar at a childhood friend’s birthday party – thus winning the candy!) I can still feel how excited I was.

The opposite is true, too. Taking responsibility for the beliefs, thoughts and actions that bring us down a path we decide not to continue. It doesn’t matter who gave us that belief. We can change it once we decide to. It doesn’t mean all the “wrong” thinking was “bad”, it means things may have been easier for us with “correct” thinking. Realize that “wrong” thinking may have brought us to a point to be willing to switch over to “correct” thinking. Again, it’s not about right and wrong, it’s about perspective, and what we do when we find ourself in hot water. We can either take a bath, or get out!

Happiness and your subconscious mind

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Happiness isn’t about being blind to world conditions. It’s about doing what you can to make a difference, and not giving power to things over you have no control. You can still be happy and help out causes such as abuse, neglect and hunger.

Happiness is a habit. What a great habit to think about! When you wake up, do you chose to be happy? Do you chose to have the day flow in favor of good will, right action, and peace for all? Throughout the day, give thanks. Pay for success—not just for you, but for co-workers, family members, neighbors, someone you just met. When we bless others, it comes right back to us, so why not share the blessings?

Some people say they aren’t happy, and they prove it. They are miserable! Happiness is a habit, and that habit comes from practice, and desire. Sometimes we get benefits from our “issues.” Does not being happy mean others feel sorry for you, running around, trying to “make you happy?” Or maybe since your partner doesn’t like to go out, you stay home with them, to “make you happy.” It doesn’t work. Soon enough, they’ll find another reason for someone to “do” something to “make” them happy.

I actually don’t enjoy going to restaurants. They’re loud, often cold, and uncomfortable. If the chairs don’t move, they seem a mile away from the table. The food is fatty, salty and the vegetables (if you get any) are buttered and mushy. If the place is dark, I sense cock roaches near by. For my birthday, I request an at-home meal, even if I cook. (I don’t even request it anymore, it’s just a matter of what, and who’s involved now.) Having said this, external things are the cause, not the effect of happiness. I’ve had some wonderful times at restaurants—even on my birthday. Our thoughts are the cause, and the cause creates the effect.

It serves us well to know what we like and don’t like. From there, we can make choices. In the case of restaurants, I can just go with the flow and feed my soul with the friendship that surrounds me at the restaurant. Or, I can invite the person/people over to my place for a meal, a cup of tea—whatever. I can also see if a non-meal time works and offer up a hike somewhere or a museum visit. We really are always at choice. In the last year I’ve eaten out more than ever before. I’ve even enjoyed a lot of it. I also have plenty of people take me up on a comfortable, quiet atmosphere at my place, and have met some people in the morning, or after lunch for our social fix.

Have a Happy Day!

Money and the Subconscious Mind

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The conscious mind is the ship’s master. If you go around saying, “I have no money” your subconscious mind take you at your word, because the subconscious mind follows directions. It cannot argue, decide or initiate—It’s the servant of your conscious mind.

If you say, “I don’t have money”, your subconscious mind works to ensure you don’t have money for what you want. (Because that’s what you’re saying.) Your subconscious mind is just following your orders. Rather than saying, “I can’t afford that” try saying, “I choose to use my money elsewhere” or “I’ve budgeted for something else right now”.

It’s not about giving up desire for what you can’t purchase right now, it’s about being real, fiscally intelligent and planting the seed for the item to come your way. It doesn’t matter how expensive the item is, either. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be given to you as a gift, or you win it, or you have the money sooner than you originally expected.

Years ago while window shopping, I saw a dress at a boutique. I said, “That’s for me!” I went inside the store. The dress wasn’t in my budget, but I tried it on anyway. It fit and looked great on me. I took note of the size, and told myself I’d check back, and if it was on sale, I’d get it if I still liked it. A month later I did go back. My size was the only one left—and it was 50% off! I tried it on again and still liked it, so bought it. I still have this classic red dress with black velvet cuffs and collar. It still looks good, and I still love it.

I’ve known two people who were gifted with cars by non-family members. One of the cars was brand-spankin’ new. I’ve gifted people with travel, money, and finding what they’d been looking for, but couldn’t find themselves. I’ve won money, books, a Cat-in-the-Hat Pillow (at age six-when it was really important!), a month of in-door rock climbing, candy,  a scarf, hula-hoop contests —and cancer—twice.

Say, “I’m a winner!” and act like one. In other words, name it. Claim it. Act accordingly.

Subconscious and Conscious Mind

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We each have one mind having two spheres. One aspect of the mind is called the conscious mind, also known as the objective mind. Another aspect is the subconscious mind, also known as the subjective or unconscious mind.

Think of your body as a ship with a captain and crew. The conscious mind is the ship’s captain, keeping watch and giving orders to the ship’s crew in the engine room (the subconscious mind). The work crew then follows those orders, not asking questions or debating because the captain is in charge, and is supposed to know what he’s doing. The crew simply carries out the orders they receive. The crew does  not originate ideas or initiate activity. It only receives and accepts. Once it accepts the idea, it begins to work on it. It works for good and bad ideas. When it works for a negative outcome, there’s failure, and unhappiness. If you find yourself in the middle of a negative statement, stop. Don’t finish the sentence. Reconstruct it with a non-limiting statement. When habitual thoughts are constructive, you’ll experience more and more of the constructive outcomes. You will have more happiness, health and abundance.

Sometimes, the results are immediate; other times they’re off in a distance. Either way, the subconscious mind works on your belief. The subconscious doesn’t have a sense of humor. It just follows orders given.

When I was applying to colleges, a friend mentioned one in particular. I responded, “They’d have to pay me to go their!” Years after that, I was back in school. I ran into my friend from way back when. She asked what I was up to and I told her—completely forgetting about our conversation years earlier. She laughed at the fact I was attending the school I’d refused years before, and mockingly said, “They’d have to pay me to go their.” Then it hit me. I continued to tell her I was on a grant, and receiving a stipend.

A more recent reminder of how results can unfold almost instantaneously: Every other month, I’d been driving 40 miles once a week for a 4 week class I taught. I was on the side of profit, but not making what I felt was worth my time. I enjoyed the class, but dealing with traffic is my least favorite thing. Before heading out to class one evening, I sat down on the couch and out loud stated with conviction some money and self-worth affirmations, then I headed out the door. I turned off the radio in my car and continued saying affirmations for the drive. When I came home that evening, I had a phone message waiting from a place I’d worked as a sub for a total of 20 hours. “There’s a job opportunity for a position here. We’d like you to interview—tomorrow, if you can.” The job came to me. It’s 12 miles away, same amount of money, and non-traffic hours.

The subconscious mind supports our beliefs. If something “good” isn’t manifesting for you, take a look at three things:

  •  Your beliefs shown through your thinking and wording. Don’t get freaked out about the occasional goof. Don’t give it power. Just continue to adjust your course and you’ll get where you want.
  • Staying the course includes not switching back and forward on your desire. It’s completely fine to change your mind, but if you swing from yes-no, yes-no, back to yes—or is it no? your outcome will either take a long time, or you’ll have a wishy-washy result. The more clear you are, the more clear your results. Remember, the subconscious mind can only accept and proceed. It cannot rationalize, question, or debate. Only your conscious mind can do that. If you attain what you thought you wanted, and later decide you don’t, or you decide you just want a change, the conscious mind directs the subconscious mind to get to work.
  •  Sometimes things do take time. The grant I received, for instance, worked perfectly for me when it happened, years after my firmly stating my claim.

The next time someone asks, How are you doing? you might just want to reply, “Business is great, and people are wonderful!


Law of Attraction

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Principles, Law of Attraction or Natural Laws. Whatever the name, the marriage between our mental and emotion desires doesn’t always happen, and we often don’t even know it! Of course we want to be healthy, happy and abundant. Then why aren’t we all running around as we desire? It isn’t one word or one thought that throws us overboard, but there is a tipping point. When the scales tip 51% that side wins. It’s also a matter of habit. We can tip the scales to our benefit when we develop strong, healthy mental and emotional habits.

There are facts that are unchangeable. Think of chemistry: When you add one atom of oxygen with two atoms of hydrogen, you will always arrive at water. By exchanging the two atoms of hydrogen for one atom of carbon, the result is carbon monoxide—a poisonous gas. Now think paints and color: A certain amount of yellow mixed with a certain amount of blue will always create green. These principles that work in chemistry, math, and art work the same way in our subconscious mind.

We do not create principle. We never change a principle. We must learn to use principle. Electricity. It can warm us, or it can burn our house down. It’s power, and we didn’t create it. It was here all along, and how to use it discovered, leading to inventions. Our subconscious mind is principle.

Subconscious mind works according to our belief. Some say, “Then why haven’t I won the lotto?” Somewhere, there’s a belief it’s not possible, not your time yet, will cause more headache than you want, is bad, or you’re not good enough, or your church will learn you gamble—and on and on. Bottom line is, if you buy lotto and believe (subconsciously) that you’re a lotto winner, you’ll win.

Which may open a whole new view to your subconscious mind. Sometimes people are real good at winning, or drawing to them great relationships, but they don’t have the subconscious mind/emotion set to maintain the winning or relationship.

I’m good at winning things like “guess how much candy is in the jar,” or hula-hoop contests. I’ve won some books, too. The same friend was with me for two of my winnings. We walked into the event, and when I learned a certain book was being raffled, I told her, “I’m winning that book!”—And I did. Another time, names were being pulled from a basket for opportunities to have energy work done that evening on stage with a renown energy healer, Dr. Kam Yuen. I told her, “Oh! I’m in!” My name was called. One by one people went up and had their moment in front of hundreds. My turn. I said nothing. Immediately, he went for my shoulder. It had hurt a for few years from a fall. He brushed my shoulder and my it felt like a boulder fell off! The pain has been gone since. He then asked me some questions, which he’d not done to other participants. One question I remember was, “Why aren’t you in a relationship?” The crowd and I laughed. He waited for my answer. “The men here…” “When the time is right…” Then he said, “Why not change your thinking?” (What a concept!) When my time was over, I reached out to shake his hand. He reached wider to hug me. My friend pointed out that every woman on stage except me had gone to hug him, and he didn’t hug any of them, but gave a handshake instead.

One year, I was a a street fair, and had some fun an a surfboard set up like a teeter-totter, in front of a big screen video game—you guessed it—of an ocean with sharks, other surfers, etc The idea was to hit some of them and earn points, and out race others so not to get eaten. My time was good and at the end of the day I won the opportunity to go to the finals for a chance to win $100. $300. or $500. “YES!” I headed off to the finals and barely anyone was there. My game was great during practice. I was a sure win for $500. Until one of the “surf crew” saw some guys who hadn’t pre-qualified, but hey, they were warm bodies, and they were invited to compete. Then, at the last minute, the surf board I’d been practicing on broke, and I had to use the board the guys had been practicing on. It had a very different feel to it. These guys were competitive, and I could feel it. The fun was gone for me. In less than twenty minutes I’d gone from a sure $500. to sweating it for $100. I held two beliefs: Money comes easily to me. Others can elbow in without putting in the time or much effort, and walk away with more. Both beliefs were my reality.

It’s not how much we want something, our mindset, or how good of a person we are. It’s principle. It’s our subconscious mind carrying out our thoughts. It’s the Law.