Metaphysical Terms and Meanings

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Most people, even if they’re  not steeped in traditional religion know traditional definitions of  terms like devil, sin and evil. Metaphysical, New Thought meanings of these words differ from how traditional religious institutions use them.

In New Thought, or metaphysics, the terms devil, sin, evil and hell may be used, but, as you’d guess, in a different sense. New Thought teaches that we all have free will, and are Divinely guided.

Christ-Consciousness: Jesus did not have the last name of Christ. He was given the title, Jesus the Christ because of his crystal clear consciousness. The “anointed” one. In Hebrew, “Messiah.” In Greek, “Khristos.” New Thought teachings talk about Christ-consciousness when they are talking about crystal clear knowingness, our solid connection with the Divine. (Not to be confused with the Divine’s connection with us, because that never changes. It is us who move, or cloud over, not the Divine.) Meditation is one of the many ways to help us in our clear, or Christ-consciousness.

The devil made me do it: The devil did not make you do anything. He does not exist, and gets a bad rap from people not willing to take responsibility for their own actions.

Ever gone to heaven and found hell? Heaven and hell are states of consciousness, not destinations. You can be in a beautiful place with someone you love and be in hell. You can also be in ugly surroundings with no one you know and find heaven. If you think about heaven and hell being in your mind, rather than when you die, you may free yourself from living out of obligation and guilt, and just might truly begin to live, and finding you do more from love because the self-imposed pressure is off you.

To sin is to miss the mark: Sin is an ancient archery term with the origin of Hebrew and Greek. It literally means “to miss the mark.” “Mark” is the “bull’s eye” at which the marksman takes aim. When we’re off balance, or off-center, we have “missed the mark.” When we’ve “missed the mark” we’re not consciously aligned with our Christ-consciousness, and some would say we’re “sinning.” “Go and sin no more.” Rough translation: Get your act together. Take better aim of the bull’s eye in life. Pay attention and do your part to live as high-minded and consciously as you can.

Negative thinking and talking is “missing the mark.” When we’re off center, we’re not hitting the bull’s eye. Fasting is to “turn the other cheek” (to look the other way) from negative thoughts and practices. Prayer is the affirmation of good.  Negative thoughts, words and actions can be considered sin, and to take it a step further, some would say this is blasphemy because to think and talk in less than glorifying ways is to denigrate God, the Creator of all, the image and energy which we are made from.

Evil is a mistaken idea: Evil is a belief in separation that will remain as long as we believe in it. “No matter how powerful the dark seems it has no power to stop the light that comes from either a searchlight or tiny candle” (Starcke, It’s All Good). New Thought teachings don’t deny the appearance of darkness, but deny it has power over Light.


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Perspective. Ever have a point of view that differs from someone else? Yeah, I thought so. Take their perspective for a moment—even if you strongly disagree with it. By doing this, you’re not making your perception wrong. You’re opening your mind, broadening your view, and possibly you’ll be able to understand the other person a bit more, even if you decide to continue to disagree with them on that subject.

Everything begins in mind. thoughts create feelings, feelings create our environment and experiences.

One day I physically hurt, was tired and in a bad mood. A friend knew I was in a slump. She called and left me a voice-mail, singing a song we knew from a church years back they taught at Sunday school. “Every cell in my body is healthy. Every cell in my body is well. Healthy and well – every little cell. Every little cell is healthy and well!” I started laughing when I heard this. I physically felt a shift. She’s also been called to leave a joke or two on my voice-mail, “just because”.

Think of something that makes you feel sad, or upset. Check-in with how your body feels. You’ll physically feel heavier, pulled down. Now, shift. Think of something that makes you feel happy. You’ll literally feel lighter, taller. When you feel down, physically look up. I don’t know if you can’t cry when you look up, or if it’s just harder. Try it next time you’re out of Kleenex at the movies. But don’t do it to stuff the tears on a regular basis. Tears are healing, and we wouldn’t have them if they didn’t serve a purpose to cleanse, communicate and comfort.

Perspective: A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something. New Oxford American Dictionary.

How to Manifest


Sometimes we fall into the trap of telling God how our manifestation will look in the end. “I’ll meet a single man/woman, who’s a certain age and drives a certain make of car.

Here are three questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I trust God?
  • What do I want in a relationship? (Or whatever you want to manifest)
  • What do I contribute to a relationship? (Or whatever you want to manifest)

Another trap we get pretty close to outlining, but remain vague. “A cute, unconditionally loving blonde who’s happy to see me when I come home, and likes to cuddle in the evenings.” Then, we complain when we’re at home with a golden cocker spaniel in our lap on Friday nights! (cute, unconditionally loving…) Leave the details to God. Stay open,knowing if what you’re heart desires is for your highest good, it’s on its way. It’s God pleasure to please you! The Universe only says, “Yes!” and the happier you are every time It says, “Yes!” The more experiences It will bring you that make you happy – because It’s responding to your energy filed with a “Yes!”

Rather than telling God, I want to work at XYZ, doing ABC, feel the attributes of the company and job you want to experience. Do you want to be respected in your line of work? Do you want to be the one they call when they need a certain job done? Put it all out there—and know that this or something better can come your way. It can happen instantly, and it can take what seems forever.

If you’re consistent with your desire and stating your claim, your good will come your way. It’s up to you to recognize it. The “No” from a top employer in L.A. was hard to take—until I got a job in a like-minded environment in a far more fun, supportive, company culture. During my job search if I’d start to feel sad over not getting “the one” I’d give thanks for not getting it, knowing something even better was on its way—and I could hardly wait to find out what it was! I’d remind myself I was open and receptive to my highest good. This scene has played over and over in several areas of my life. When the dust settles, I’m doing the happy dance! Even if it took me two years to heal a broken heart. . .  Shazam! Oh, it is so worth believing in your dream, yourself, and a power for Good—greater than you.

Go ahead, tell God your plans. Keep some wiggle room for even grander ideas!

Prayer Affirmation for Inner Peace

inner peace affirmative prayer

Please take a few minutes to join me in this spiritual, not religious, affirmative prayer for inner peace.

In America, there’s lots of heart ache right now. We’re in the midst of the season of love, joy – the season especially for children. For those who’ve been touched by the school shooting last week — wether in person, or through news, there’s lots of healing to take place. It won’t happen over night, but my prayer is that it will happen.

Below is an affirmative prayer. It’s actually part prayer, part meditation, and part teaching someone who’s not used to prayer or meditation what they can do to bring themselves inner peace. It is only by raising our personal energetic vibration that we can shift the energies around us, the collective consciousness. Thanks for taking the time to read this. It isn’t “religious” but written for all.

There is One power. It is God, the good. This presence of good is in all. There is no separation. We can think we’re separate, we can act as if we’re separate, but God, the good is in us, as us. It is closer than our very next breath.

Just as a drop of the ocean has all of the ocean within it, we have all of God within us. Not one person has more God than another. Some may study or practice It more, but God is within us 100% — all the time —waiting for our recognition and acceptance of It to activate into glorious fulfillment.

When there’s pain or confusion, turn to the peaceful power within. It never left. Things just got noisy and the still, quiet voice was muffled.

Stop. Breathe. Turn off the T.V. or radio. Stop the monkey-mind chatter. Leave your troubles at the door or at your feet. If you want the troubles back when you’re done sitting still, you can consciously pick them up again—or not—because you’ll be of clear mind, and able to decide they don’t serve you.

Look for good. Are you frustrated about how people are driving? Look for the good drivers! Bless them, thank them as you’re on the road together, creating a safe atmosphere for everyone. Look for spots of beauty. Consciously acknowledge it! “Isn’t that a gorgeous cloud!”

Listen to God. It’s speaking to you all the time. The nudge, the gift, the comfort in times of pain and confusion.

Even in incredibly tough times, there are shards of light for which to be grateful. Give thanks. What did or didn’t happen in the midst of chaos? Who was or wasn’t there that made it a bit better. The whys may never get answered. We may need to create our own answers to “why”, or move forward without having them answered.

Let go. When someone dies it’s often like a rope burn. They’ve been pulled from our grasp. We mourn, heal, mourn more; heal more. The memories keep us company. We hope and trust the pain will soften.

Be gentle on you, on others,

Peace. Deep Peace.

Names for God

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There are many other names of God. God is an Energy, greater than I. It is the glorious Creative Intelligence that shapes the oceans, mountains, and vast sky. It is Effortless Abundance and Success. This Powerful Energy is Divine Wisdom, The Father-Mother-God, The One Presence. It is Eternal Source, First Cause, Infinite Mind; The Original Creator, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient.  God doesn’t mind what you call it in order for you to understand It better.

God Energy doesn’t have an ego. It’s impersonal. We personalize what God is to us. Someone came up with the name, “God” and we put meaning into that name or concept. If your concept of God is limiting, get a bigger God. It can only do for us what It can do through us. We are individual expressions of this Energy.

  • What are your beliefs about God?
  • What names and attributes do you feel comfortable associating with God?
  • Make a list of A-Z positive attributes you could name God. Pick a few of your favorites and begin using them.

These exercises are especially good if you use the name “God” by rote, not feeling any depth to the conversation. The poet Hafiz, c.1320-1389, would ofter refer to God as a lover. (“God, what love-mischief can ‘We’ do for the world today?”) If you don’t yearn for God as one does their partner, or head off to prayer as one would the Super Bowl Game, re-introduce the excitement of God into your prayer and meditation time.

What is God?


Photo By Claudia Mulcahy

If you’re not comfortable with the word God, use the word Spirit, Energy, Universe—or Fred! It’s a name. It responds to you at your vibrational level.

We’re often raised being told what God is. One day we say, “That’s not what I believe” but we seldom dig beneath the surface to find out what we do believe. By not doing this, we live in a state of mediocrity at best, not bold enough to learn our deep personal beliefs. If this speaks to you, get a pad of paper, a pen, and give yourself a minimum of 10-15 minutes without any interruption.

  •  On the top of the piece of paper write: What do I believe God is?
  • Half way down the piece of paper, write: How do I think God works in my life? 
  • Meditate. Get to alpha state – ask the first question, then write. Do NOT read or edit. Wait for the next answer to come to you then write more. When things stop coming through, stop. Now read what you’ve written. Repeat this for the second question.


A Cleansing Exercise:

See pure white Light of God (or whatever you’re comfortable calling it) moving in and down top of your head, moving through every cell of your body. The white Light moves out into your auric field, and is egg shape, moving in, around, through and for you. See the spiral move through you, top to bottom, cleansing all, and becoming brighter and brighter because it is taking the grey/darkness with it. When it reaches the ground, send it down into earth completely. It will take the dark particles with it, out into the universe, and change them back into a neutral state to create something new. Then have a spiral come up from the ground and go through your body from feet on up. This time, the Light is brilliantly bright, and anything that may have stayed behind on the first sweep, is dislodged on this trip upward. It’s as if the spiral has a leaf-blower on top, and is blasting any debris up and out. When it reaches the top, the spiral keeps moving up/outward, and the debris is far out into the universe, where, again it goes back into its neutral form for someone to create with.

Mmmm… You’ll feel wonderful! That’s Universal energy speaking through and as you. Shine! When you FEEL it, That’s the UNIFICATION with Divine energy. You are never separate. Not ever. Consciously take in your next breath. Ahhhh! Enjoy!