How Do You K.I.S.S.? (Simplicity)


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One hand, everyone talks about simplicity. Slow down, more is less and be present. On the other hand, life is full of “To-Do” Lists. Even before we get into the items on the list that can instill guilt (things like eat healthy, exercise, stay within a budget) we face US and THEM items. How do you rank in taking care of you as well as taking care of others?

How do you k.i.s.s.? (keep it simple, sweetie.)

I don’t mind vacuuming, ironing, washing windows, or painting walls. I remember sharing in exasperation one evening, “I hate drying and putting away silverware!” After laughter died down, I was asked, “What do you want to do?” I’ll wash dishes. I’ll unload the dishwasher—except the silverware.” It was one of the easiest deals I’ve ever made, and it made both of us happy.

If you make your kids’ lunch every day, and hate doing it, ask yourself, “Is there someone else who can do this?” How old are your kids? Is your partner/spouse willing to do it? Have you asked them to help, or to swap a chore?

Are you making their lunch, then buying yours? Are you okay with doing that from a budget, health, and calorie standpoint? If not, plan ahead. Make enough dinner to have leftovers for lunch, and as you clean-up after dinner, pack your lunch into your lunch box container.

Find a way that makes you happy. If you’re not happy, and you’re making a meal, some-body is ingesting that energy of hating making it. Eeek! Good reason to bless your food! Same goes for restaurants. You don’t know what sort of energy is in the kitchen. If you’re keeping it simple by eating out, take a moment before eating it to bless your food.

Are you one of the growing households that cook your dog a fresh chicken or beef dinner? I know someone who does this—and the food the people eat may as well be—dog food! Food expiration dates, to-go meals, eating standing up rather than sitting at the table. If the dog out lives them, I hope he keeps the maid! Keep is simple, sweetie. Both you and Fido deserve to be healthy, and get your run-around at the park, not doing chores.

Have you just vacuumed? Quick! Invite some friends over! Or, first invite someone over so it’s motivation to vacuum. It’s a two-for-one that way. You don’t have to re-arrange the furniture to vacuum, just zip here and there, and it’ll add some wow appeal to the room. It’s not a full-on clean, it’s a simple way to keep things looking nice.

Have you started your holiday gift giving list? Maybe this is the year you really do say, “I’m having a party, and that’s my gift to everyone.” Or, in honor the names of your friends/family, you donate to Toys for Tots, Heifer International, or some other organization. Maybe you decide to make a list of 25, 50, 100 “reasons why I love you.” It doesn’t cost a penny, but I’ve been told, “That was one of the best gifts anyone has ever given me.”

Whatever you do—from making lunch to gift giving, do it consciously. If you don’t enjoy doing it, find another way. If it’s overwhelming, take a step back. Breathe.

 K.I.S.S.. Keep It Simple, Sweetie.

Simplify Life. Get Rid of It!



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When you hear, “A simple life is easy to achieve!” do you think, yeah, back up the POD and hire a team of guys to haul your stuff out?

Has the game of “S/He who dies with the most toys, wins” gotten old, and not fun anymore?

If you’ve climbed the ladder to high pay scale success, is the fast pace power-job worth sacrifice of family? Are the two cars mandatory? Will you only get your exercise by belonging to the tennis club or gym, or can you find free, or less expensive ways to stay fit? Do your kids each have their own room, or can they learn to share, while learning about money?

What does simplify mean? Does it mean hippyville, or frugal, monastic living? It can mean that, but it doesn’t have to. It can mean having less, but higher quality things. Maybe it means being seen all winter —or two in the same coat, rather than having a variety of coats you don’t like as much. Could you live in a smaller place—even an apartment, if you like the location? On what do you place value? Some save up to buy what they want (Hooray!), Others, can’t wait, and either go into debt, or buy lots of small, inexpensive things for immediate gratification. If you’re willing to entertain the idea of simplifying, take a look at what makes you happy. There may be some deal-breakers, like traffic, noise, living far from your family. On the other hand, some take public transportation, or don’t mind spending time in their car, practicing a new language or book on CD. They love the hum of a busy city and take George Burns’ at his word. “Happiness is having a large, close-knit family in a small town, far away.”

I have a friend in New Zealand who’s getting rid of everything. He’s going to rent out his house and move to Thailand. Over the years, like most of us, he’s accumulated lots of things. I left him a lot of those things when I returned to the states, and sent him many more things from over here. Now he’s getting rid of the bison piggy bank, Wellington-boot flower vase, pottery bowls, silk ties, books, cards, cards and more cards! When it gets tough weeding through some of the stuff, he tells himself, “This won’t be meaningful to anyone when I drop dead.” (A real sentimental bloke.) He’s doing it because he’s moving forward on a desire.

This simplify stuff isn’t for the chicken-hearted. (Although you can go at a slow pace, and you call the shots of how much is too much.) I’ve even gotten caught up in his flurry of activity. Last month I gave  away things still in good shape, but I was ready to release them for one reason or another: shoes, leather pants, a wool coat and lots of summer clothing. This month I’ve already found more—and I’m considered a minimalist by many!

Want to simplify? What can—and will you get rid of today that will make you feel lighter for doing so?

The Last Word

This is the last post post from the blog, Minimalist Living. I’ve really enjoyed this blog. It was well written, and I’d cheer in agreement while reading. A fond farewell to “Minimalist Living” – but never to the idea, or the lifestyle! Take care.

Change The Code

Well I am feeling that the end is here for this minimalist living blog. I love to write and share various thoughts but the reality is I probably spend too much time blogging and not enough time on real world stuff that needs to be a focus.

So this may very well be the last post on Minimalist Lifestyle.

I have a number of thoughts in my head that I would like to touch on so here goes.

Let’s first look at the way the education system “trains” us to be slaves.

All the school system really does is teach us how to work for others and not to really think for ourselves.

The message we get from parents, teachers, and society is to go to school, get good grades, keep your mouth shut, don’t question authority and this will allow you to get a “good job”.

In both the…

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