New Year’s Peace Meditation

Deepak Chopra begins this 14 minute video talking about meditation, then it goes into music and visuals to watch if you choose to meditate with your eyes open

Happy New Year! Or, is it Happy new here! If you’re tired of loud holiday parties with way too much food and alcohol, maybe you’d like to consider ringing in the new year in a quiet way, full of intention.

There may be a world peace meditation going on near you. It’s set at Greenwich, England meantime 12:00 noon on Jan 1. If you’re on the west cost in the states, it’s true commitment: 4:00 a.m. on Dec 31. You go to bed Dec 30, and wake up super early on Dec 31. If you still want to see in the new year, it’s possible if you take a nap after meditation.

New thought churches are where I’ve always found world peace meditations. If you decide to do it on your own, and perhaps at a different time, you could invite a few friends over who understand the intention you’re setting. It’s a bit of a game changer when someone thinks party, and gets quiet meditation. You can always have breakfast and conversation afterwards!

Whenever and however you do this, don’t get stressed out. Even if you don’t do a full hour. Maybe you can read something peaceful, sing your favorite peaceful song, or put together a vision board with the focus being peace.

If your intention is peace, you can’t go wrong. One new year’s at midnight in New Zealand I lead a small group of us at WWOOF (willing workers on organic farms). Their English was limited—but not as much as my Korean. The lights on the Christmas tree were beautiful—in any language. Somehow we figured it out: I found a globe, and we sat there in quiet, bathing the globe in white light and peace.

Below are some more meditation links:

Peacefully Coexist

When you respect yourself, you’ll respect others. You’ll respect nature, and the planet as a whole. What a difference that makes!

We all have neighbors, family and friends with different views than ours. It doesn’t make either side wrong. It’s a reminder that we must learn to peacefully coexist. A mantra many areas of this world could use right now could use.

I was raised with the thought, “Manners are what makes the other person comfortable.” Does that mean not drinking around your friend or family member who’s an alcoholic? Maybe. What about asking the vegetarian with whom you’re having lunch if it would bother them if you had a hamburger? Or, do you just forego the conversation and have pasta, again? Creating an atmosphere of comfort for others doesn’t mean you have to be ill at ease. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take the small cookie every time.

Communicate. Ask what makes them comfortable. Maybe you don’t have lunch with that person. Maybe they learn to talk quietly when you go into nature. I have some friends who request that people take off their shoes before coming into their home. I like keeping my shoes on, but I take them off to honor my friends. Sometimes I brings socks, or slippers to their home for my comfort.

In what small way can you practice coexisting? Can you drive in traffic and remain peaceful? Can you politely tell telemarketers, charities, and politicians you won’t be taking the phone call, and ask to be removed from their calling list? Or, is it blasting “them” and when we come home, into our sacred space we meditate, affirm love, and talk about peace?

And of course, continue to  give peas a chance and visualize whirled peas.