Fill your plate!


Photo Credit: Claudia Mulcahy

Are you tired of offering your holiday guests healthy choices, only to have a platter full of veggies to put away after the party? This Fourth of July, offer a veggie platter as a feast for the eyes. Skip the plate with segments that separate the vegetables. Offer a serving spoon or fork so if someone hates mushrooms, they can push them off to the side and get to the carrots. (Or, they may say, “honey, want my mushroom?” and it will get eaten, and not tossed out.)

By using a serving fork or spoon, you’re helping everyone’s immune system, especially those in, or recently out of cancer treatment. If you can, have serving utensils for everything, or give someone with a low immune system first dibs on things like peanuts, pretzels — things that others will touch with their hands.

Back to the veggie platter: Use a variety of color, shapes and textures. If you’re offering the vegetables raw, have a variety of dip tastes on the side. Go beyond ranch or hummus. Make some spicy kidney bean dip (the reddish color is a change from the same  ol’ white or brown dips), or make the oh so simple Greek tzatziki.

To make spicy bean dip:

Drat! I can’t find the recipe I grew up with, and don’t like the ones I see online. This is sort of close, try it out, get creative, or find one you like better: Red kidney beans (wash and drain them), chop an onion, mayonnaise or plain yogurt, dry mustard, worcestershire sauce, horseradish, salt, pepper. Blend in a blender. (The only part I remember is the kidney beans, worcestershire, and the blender.) Sorry.

To make tzatziki dip: Greek yogurt, cut fresh dill, squeeze fresh lemon. Taste. Adjust amounts of ingredients if needed.

Or, consider broiling or barbecuing your vegetables and leave them out for snacking. Yumm!

Now, what flavor ice cream?