Hot Enough?

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In March this year, I heard every region in the US, except the west coast, hit record temperatures. 80’s and 90’s! I sat bundled up in Southern California. Another overcast day and 61 degrees.

Some people scoff at global warming, offering their rebuttal, “Maybe it’s caused by a natural chain of evolutionary events, not people.” Without knowing the absolute answer, would their life be so terribly altered by having a gas efficient, or gas-free vehicle? Sure, there are boats to be towed, and horses to be hauled. But the vast majority of what I see are monster trucks to haul lattes while talking on cell phones.  (Oh, I will try so hard to stay focused on my first point, not going off on the cell phone factor!)

We have the knowledge in this country to create a car that’s affordable, and runs without gas. Note: Not drilling or hydraulic fracking for more. Not needing more. We’ve proven cars can run on french fry oil! But no one dares stand up to big oil and say, “Thanks. You did us well, now it’s time to move on.” More than fifteen years ago, on World News with Peter Jennings, I heard of a mail delivery truck in rural New Zealand that ran on air. AIR. The postal worker said, “The problem is it’s noisy.” That was over fifteen years ago. I haven’t heard anything of the sort since.

How can it be that cars like this haven’t hit the market yet? Is it the oil companies? Stock markets? The car manufactures? Where’s the power of the people? We’ve lost it somewhere along the way. Sure, we’ve got rather pricy options with batteries that will end up in landfill, leaking—but don’t depress or side-swipe me. I’m still trying to stay on track after mentioning cell phone drivers.

We plod along, paying the .10 cents for a grocery bag. Would we remember to bring one of our many reusable bags if the store didn’t offer them? Would we chose a different vehicle if there were a (lack of) common sense tax? That’s not exactly fair, unless you’re a polar bear starving; drowning.

Having more is not about depleting anything. Have you ever been sooooo tired that you slept – and slept – and slept? It’s called restoring.

Our planet earth is calling for help. How will you help restore her?