New Thought: Cause, Medium and Effect

firstcauseimage credit: Good Search

In New Thought teachings, terminology is often different than what traditional religion uses. One instance is the term “Trinity”. In traditional teachings, it’s the Father, Son, Holy Ghost. In New Thought, it can be: Cause, Medium and Effect; Spirit, Mind, Body; Principle, Activity, Expression; Conceive, Believe, Achieve. Whatever the wording, Trinity is Oneness.

Cause, Medium and Effect. Cause has two parts: First Cause, which is impersonal, and second Cause, which is the way we personalize First Cause. First Cause is recognizing everything God is. Second Cause is unifying with what we recognize as God.  (These are the first two steps in affirmative prayer, or spiritual mind treatment, as it’s known by some.)

Medium is the Law of Mind. It only says, “Yes”. It responds the same way every single time. Medium is the Law of nature, the action of God.

Effect is the out picturing  of our beliefs, our life experiences. It is the mirror image back to us.

The Trinity is everywhere.