New Year’s Peace Meditation

Deepak Chopra begins this 14 minute video talking about meditation, then it goes into music and visuals to watch if you choose to meditate with your eyes open

Happy New Year! Or, is it Happy new here! If you’re tired of loud holiday parties with way too much food and alcohol, maybe you’d like to consider ringing in the new year in a quiet way, full of intention.

There may be a world peace meditation going on near you. It’s set at Greenwich, England meantime 12:00 noon on Jan 1. If you’re on the west cost in the states, it’s true commitment: 4:00 a.m. on Dec 31. You go to bed Dec 30, and wake up super early on Dec 31. If you still want to see in the new year, it’s possible if you take a nap after meditation.

New thought churches are where I’ve always found world peace meditations. If you decide to do it on your own, and perhaps at a different time, you could invite a few friends over who understand the intention you’re setting. It’s a bit of a game changer when someone thinks party, and gets quiet meditation. You can always have breakfast and conversation afterwards!

Whenever and however you do this, don’t get stressed out. Even if you don’t do a full hour. Maybe you can read something peaceful, sing your favorite peaceful song, or put together a vision board with the focus being peace.

If your intention is peace, you can’t go wrong. One new year’s at midnight in New Zealand I lead a small group of us at WWOOF (willing workers on organic farms). Their English was limited—but not as much as my Korean. The lights on the Christmas tree were beautiful—in any language. Somehow we figured it out: I found a globe, and we sat there in quiet, bathing the globe in white light and peace.

Below are some more meditation links:

Names for God

Names of God image credit: Google

There are many other names of God. God is an Energy, greater than I. It is the glorious Creative Intelligence that shapes the oceans, mountains, and vast sky. It is Effortless Abundance and Success. This Powerful Energy is Divine Wisdom, The Father-Mother-God, The One Presence. It is Eternal Source, First Cause, Infinite Mind; The Original Creator, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient.  God doesn’t mind what you call it in order for you to understand It better.

God Energy doesn’t have an ego. It’s impersonal. We personalize what God is to us. Someone came up with the name, “God” and we put meaning into that name or concept. If your concept of God is limiting, get a bigger God. It can only do for us what It can do through us. We are individual expressions of this Energy.

  • What are your beliefs about God?
  • What names and attributes do you feel comfortable associating with God?
  • Make a list of A-Z positive attributes you could name God. Pick a few of your favorites and begin using them.

These exercises are especially good if you use the name “God” by rote, not feeling any depth to the conversation. The poet Hafiz, c.1320-1389, would ofter refer to God as a lover. (“God, what love-mischief can ‘We’ do for the world today?”) If you don’t yearn for God as one does their partner, or head off to prayer as one would the Super Bowl Game, re-introduce the excitement of God into your prayer and meditation time.



If we don’t like a previous choice we’ve made, we can choose again. All events in our lives are ruled by “karma” or “cause and effect”—a term I grasp more easily than “karma.” Deepak Chopra defines karma (cause and effect) as conscious choice making; making a choice with full awareness. When we make a choice, it should nourish us— and everyone else influenced by our actions.

When making a choice, ask yourself : Will this choice bring happiness and fulfillment to me, and to those effected by this choice? Then, listen to your higher self for the answer, and you’ll always make the perfect, right choice. When we’re in conscious awareness, we make right choices.

The choice can be from a personal interaction with someone to using the earth’s resources. It may be a choice about work, health. The answer is always within, and always cause and effect related. It may not scream to us, which is why we need to meditate; listen to the still quiet voice.

I love this link:

 “One-Moment Meditation: “How to Meditate in a Moment”

What is God?


Photo By Claudia Mulcahy

If you’re not comfortable with the word God, use the word Spirit, Energy, Universe—or Fred! It’s a name. It responds to you at your vibrational level.

We’re often raised being told what God is. One day we say, “That’s not what I believe” but we seldom dig beneath the surface to find out what we do believe. By not doing this, we live in a state of mediocrity at best, not bold enough to learn our deep personal beliefs. If this speaks to you, get a pad of paper, a pen, and give yourself a minimum of 10-15 minutes without any interruption.

  •  On the top of the piece of paper write: What do I believe God is?
  • Half way down the piece of paper, write: How do I think God works in my life? 
  • Meditate. Get to alpha state – ask the first question, then write. Do NOT read or edit. Wait for the next answer to come to you then write more. When things stop coming through, stop. Now read what you’ve written. Repeat this for the second question.


A Cleansing Exercise:

See pure white Light of God (or whatever you’re comfortable calling it) moving in and down top of your head, moving through every cell of your body. The white Light moves out into your auric field, and is egg shape, moving in, around, through and for you. See the spiral move through you, top to bottom, cleansing all, and becoming brighter and brighter because it is taking the grey/darkness with it. When it reaches the ground, send it down into earth completely. It will take the dark particles with it, out into the universe, and change them back into a neutral state to create something new. Then have a spiral come up from the ground and go through your body from feet on up. This time, the Light is brilliantly bright, and anything that may have stayed behind on the first sweep, is dislodged on this trip upward. It’s as if the spiral has a leaf-blower on top, and is blasting any debris up and out. When it reaches the top, the spiral keeps moving up/outward, and the debris is far out into the universe, where, again it goes back into its neutral form for someone to create with.

Mmmm… You’ll feel wonderful! That’s Universal energy speaking through and as you. Shine! When you FEEL it, That’s the UNIFICATION with Divine energy. You are never separate. Not ever. Consciously take in your next breath. Ahhhh! Enjoy!



The following is a meditation taken from the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes. You may use it as a meditation, or affirmative prayer.


My atmosphere is attracting the Good;

it is constantly on the alert to see and know the Good,

and to bring it into my experience.

There is that within me that calls forth

abundance and happiness from Life.

I AM surrounded with an atmosphere of peace, poise and power. All who come in contact with that great calm of

my Life are made strong and confident, are healed and blessed.

I Accept My Good (An Affirmative Prayer)

As published in Creative Thought Magazine

The Universe serves me to the extent I allow. I open and receive my good by recognizing Spirit is the Source of all. As I unify with it, I am filled with strength and clarity, moving me forward into my daily activities with joy and confidence.

I now draw the people and events to assist me in the achievement of all my dreams and goals. I am receptive to serve as I hear the call. I allow Spirit to work in, around, through and for me. It guides me on my soul’s journey as I show up at work, in my family, and in my community. What I want for myself, I want for everyone. As I pray for peace, I am peace inside and out. As I pray for prosperity, I freely share my good with others. Everywhere I look, I see the evidence of Spirit; I see Spirit in action.

I give thanks for the good in my life, knowing it is as close and easy as my next breath. I let it be.

Rev. Claudia Mulcahy

I am prosperous (An Affirmative Prayer)

As published in Creative Thought Magazine, November 2008

There is one Infinite Source. This abundance lives in, through, and for all. I recognize it as my senses and experiences.

I move into conscious gratitude for the cells in my body, keeping me in perfect, abundant health. I am aware of the blessed relationships in my life and celebrate the richness they bring. I fully accept the energy of opulence in all areas, including my finances. I am prosperous because I believe in my prosperity, and take every step in that direction. I circulate prosperity. I contribute to the wealth of the world one thought and one action at a time. I am rich for these experiences. So much has brought me to the awareness of abundance in my life, and I give thanks.

Rev. Claudia Mulcahy