Minimalist Lifestyle

I’ve gone without a T.V. for 7 years. I went without a couch for 2 year, then decided people who came over were worthy of a nice piece of furniture. Budgeting or living simply isn’t about being cheap. It’s about living spaciously, having good energy around, and being clear on your priorities.

I came across this blog and wanted to share  it. It’s called The Minimalist Lifestyle. It’s a starter guide.

What do you think?

Change Your Point of Reference

Keeping up with the Joneses will only make you poorer, and frustrated. Instead of trying to impress friends, neighbors, or people you don’t even know, change your crowd!

Volunteer for a homeless shelter, food bank, or a humanitarian cause. It may change your thinking from keeping up with the Joneses, to gratitude for what you do have.