Good Vibrations


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Confidence is more than attitude, it’s a vibration of energy.  Fear is also a vibration of energy. When you vibrate at a positive level, you become a walking magnet for good people and things to come your way. If you drop some money, someone will call out to let you know. Or, you won’t drop money. You may even find money.

When you vibrate at a negative level, you still become a walking magnet—but for people to kick you when you’re down, take advantage of you, or for things to break down, delays, or just not work in flow.

On either side of the coin, you’ll attract the matching reality to your vibration. If you make a habit of feeling excited, joyful, and satisfied, those energies will tip the scale in your vibration, and results cannot but match those vibrations. If you’re not at the vibration you’d like right now, sit for ten minutes with this. Shift your vibration. Your vibration will not shift after something good happens. Good things will happen when you shift your vibration.

If you do consciously shift your vibration then say, “It worked for half a day, but then it didn’t” check your vibration. It’s easy to fall back into habit. You may start out being very aware of holding exciting thoughts and next time you check, you learn you’ve been worrying about something, or having an argument in your mind with someone who upset you months back.

Before going to bed, you can program your subconscious mind to vibrate at a positive level. Think happy, joyful, exciting thoughts. Feel how you’ll be relieved when the outcome of your problem is solved. Wonderful! Smile your way to sleep. The subconscious mind doesn’t argue. It only says, “Yes!” When you imprint a happy vibrational energy just before going to bed, it’s handed to your subconscious mind for the night. Because your conscious mind isn’t involved, you have a head start on shifting your energy.

The Wealth of Happiness

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What do you want out of life?”

“I want to be happy.”

If you truly want to be happy, you must be determined to be happy. Even if the sun’s not shining, or the day’s too hot. No matter if someone cuts in front of you in the store line, or your neighbor’s dog is barking—again. You either decide to be happy, or decide not to be happy. The choice is yours.

There are universal laws to support you in all your choices. The universe only says, “Yes!” If you’re sending out a vibration to the world saying, “I’m happy. I’m open to happiness. Bring it on in even a bigger way” the universe responds, “Yes!”

If you’re sending out a vibration of fear, lack and complaining, the universe responds,—“Yes!” You’re in control of how the universe answers you. It doesn’t mean life will always be easy. It means the roller coaster will have fewer extremes.

In the New Testament, George M. Lamsa’s version, Translation from the Aramaic of the Peshitta: Matthew 13:12 “For to him who has shall be given and it shall increase to him; but to him who has not, even that which he has shall be taken away from him.” In the King James Version: “For to him who has more will be given, and who has not, even what he has will be taken away.” This isn’t about a greedy God of wrath punishing the rich. It’s about consciousness. It’s a clear example of the universe saying, “Yes!” regardless of your attitude.

If you have a happy mind, you’ll draw to you more happiness. It’s a Law of Nature. Give as you want to receive. Feeling down? Go out and give people smiles, complements. Feeling like you have no money? Stop the fear—it only perpetuates the feeling of lack. I talk about this often, but right now, look around your house. Go to your refrigerator. (You have one!) Open it. Even if you have one item in it, you have enough money to pay the electric bill to keep the fridge plugged in. Now, look at all you have supporting your existence in the refrigerator. There’ve been times you’ve been so wealthy that you’ve even thrown out food because you haven’t eaten it in time, perhaps you over bought. Go around your house, apartment, or rented room looking for all the ways to prove to yourself how abundant you are. I guarantee by the time you finish this exercise you’ll feel blessed. “Yes!”