How an Eye Exam Turns into an I Exam

eye-exam image credit: Good Search

I went in for an eye exam and had the test where the two circles start out on the left, and on the right – then move toward each other, and the object of the game is when they’re in alignment.

Then I thought having an “I Exam” — what am I in alignment with?

The whole idea about life is for use to be in alignment with God. If we’re not in alignment with God, Who moved? God never moves. God is constant. God is always there/here. God is one of those circles in the eye exam that the other circle aligns with. When they’re in alignment, yell, “STOP!” before that other circle (now represented by you) moves past the other circle (now representing God.)

It’s not about “Getting” from God. It’s about aligning with God. When we’re in alignment, we’re open and receptive—and we do receive. It’s easy when we’re in the flow. When it’s hard, we’re not in alignment.

Being in alignment with God doesn’t mean life doesn’t give us “stuff” — It does mean we go through our stuff with more ease and grace. We are here to learn and grow. We are not here to decide why the person next to us, or the person sitting at home has the problems they do. Nor are we to take on their exam and tell them when the circles are in alignment. If they are open to your input, fine—bring them to church, a class, hand them a book, share non-judgmental conversation, but you can’t drag someone to enlightenment. That only proves there are two people un-enlightened.





Whatever Happens, Don’t Give Up

I was at a middle school a while back and a student wouldn’t let me help them with homework. “I’m already failing. Don’t waste your time.” I asked if I could just see what the homework assignment was, and asked to look through his book to see if I could explain it differently. I had less than ten minutes before the bell rang. We didn’t get the homework done. Not even started.

As the students scrambled for the door an adult in the classroom told me, “It’s him. He’s our problem student.”

I spat back, “He is not the problem. It needs to be explained in a way he understands.”

There are very few kids North America who could do what William (in the video) did. He had the drive to learn the words next to the diagrams in books written in a language he didn’t know. He had the imagination to create needed parts from what he could find. He didn’t buy parts, or hire someone to build anything. He didn’t have a tutor for learning a new language.

William saw his father in the dry, barren filed. He saw his family starving, and had to quit school. Those are stark events few in this country will ever comprehend. They were motivators for William.

Our consciousness plays a big part in how our life unfolds. William had the consciousness to move up in life, to make it better for himself, his family and those around them. He never sat back and said, “I’ve already failed.” And when his mother originally laughed at his idea, he stayed true to his dream of rising above the situation in which they lived. If he can do it, so can you. Begin by believing in yourself. You will see the Universe supports you after you prove to the Universe (really, after you prove to yourself) that your faith in being supported is unshakable. Whatever happens, don’t give up.