It’s Not the Recession – It’s You.

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I’ve heard from people their life’s been effected by the recession. With a bit more information, I learn they still have their job, their house or apartment—and their lifestyle of spending. “But gas prices are so high!” Yes. “That store doesn’t  have discounts like they used  to.” True. These do have some impact. But these aren’t elderly folks on fixed income telling me their sad story. These are adults with Smartphones (not just a phone for an emergency.) “Well, I don’t have a landline.” Well, if you’re paying $100.00 a month for a phone and worried about your budget, you may want to do some homework and look at the cost comparison. No, it’s not convenient. Neither is being in debt.

Do you buy bottled water? Beer? Soda? You know you pay .05 cents on each can/bottle for a recycling fee, so why not take the empty ones back to a recycling center. If there’s one close to you, consider it. You won’t get rich off it, but you could think of it as helping the environment, or, as half the cost of a gallon of ice cream! I’m not advocating “dumpster diving” but as someone who lives close to a recycle center, I see the value. Environmental and financial. I take my receipt to the grocery store (they give a grocery receipt instead of cash here.) I feel I’ve made “ice cream money” and saved some money at the store. When I have 2-3 garbage bags full, I turn them in. I hate clutter, and feel $3 – $7  is great for any trip to the store, and no junk on my patio. (Please, oh please tell me even if you don’t collect money for recycling, that you recycle.)

If your kids like to collect cans and bottles, have them wear gloves. Bees and wasps love that sweet, sticky smell on soda cans, or even water bottles if the weather’s been real hot and dry.

Bottoms up!