The Last Word

This is the last post post from the blog, Minimalist Living. I’ve really enjoyed this blog. It was well written, and I’d cheer in agreement while reading. A fond farewell to “Minimalist Living” – but never to the idea, or the lifestyle! Take care.

Change The Code

Well I am feeling that the end is here for this minimalist living blog. I love to write and share various thoughts but the reality is I probably spend too much time blogging and not enough time on real world stuff that needs to be a focus.

So this may very well be the last post on Minimalist Lifestyle.

I have a number of thoughts in my head that I would like to touch on so here goes.

Let’s first look at the way the education system “trains” us to be slaves.

All the school system really does is teach us how to work for others and not to really think for ourselves.

The message we get from parents, teachers, and society is to go to school, get good grades, keep your mouth shut, don’t question authority and this will allow you to get a “good job”.

In both the…

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