Cardboard Bike!

Short and sweet:

Need a lightweight bike? Check out this video! This man makes bikes out of cardboard, and the bikes work! They can ride through puddles of water, carry an adult male and give transportation to people who couldn’t otherwise afford it. He was told it was impossible.

Now that’s creativity and determination put to good use!

Maybe Izhar will be the one who makes cardboard cars. We may need to peddle like the Flinstones did, but the cars would get great mileage, and when crashes happen, there’d be only minor paper cuts to heal.

This year let’s do good for people, places and events. Let’s be the good for all people, places and events. . . . Do-Be-Do-Be-Do.

As it is within, so without — meaning, what we create inside ourselves, we experience on the outside. Izhar began with “Yes!”