If we don’t like a previous choice we’ve made, we can choose again. All events in our lives are ruled by “karma” or “cause and effect”—a term I grasp more easily than “karma.” Deepak Chopra defines karma (cause and effect) as conscious choice making; making a choice with full awareness. When we make a choice, it should nourish us— and everyone else influenced by our actions.

When making a choice, ask yourself : Will this choice bring happiness and fulfillment to me, and to those effected by this choice? Then, listen to your higher self for the answer, and you’ll always make the perfect, right choice. When we’re in conscious awareness, we make right choices.

The choice can be from a personal interaction with someone to using the earth’s resources. It may be a choice about work, health. The answer is always within, and always cause and effect related. It may not scream to us, which is why we need to meditate; listen to the still quiet voice.

I love this link:

 “One-Moment Meditation: “How to Meditate in a Moment”