What Are You Thinking, Right Now?

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Do you know your current thoughts are creating your future experiences?

To the extent we put energy or conviction into our thought, we get a mirrored experience of it. Don’t believe it? Look at your life. What’s working, and what isn’t. Are you bad mouthing money? Are you involved in gossip, or angry about what someone did—even if it was years ago? Maybe you’re not angry, but still wounded by their tone, their actions, or lack of actions.

The best thing you can to do to help yourself is to let it go. Move on. Forgive. Oh no! The “F” word! —It may as well be! No body likes to hear it, and few talk about it. When we forgive, we’re not doing it for the person who upset us. We must forgive because it frees us. As long as we’re the jailer, we  have to stand watch over those we’ve imprisoned. Let them go! If their consciousness is truly not a match for your consciousness, the issue will end. If their behaviors continue, it won’t bother you this time around, because you’ve shifted your energy via your consciousness. Or, they’ll just find someone else to be around. That person will either be the new target for upset, or a new teacher, perhaps in a way that is better understood by them than what you provided. Your trouble—or let’s call them a sacred messenger, will find a replacement.

What are you thinking right now? You are planning your future with those thoughts. If they’re not supportive of the good you want to experience, change your thinking now. Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science (not to be confused with Scientology or Christian Science) would say, “Change your thinking, change your life.” Over the years, other teachers have used the same meaning to spread positive thinking. “Thoughts become things” and “Energy flows where attention goes” are more recent versions of the same idea.

Be honest with yourself. If you really don’t like someone, don’t pretend there isn’t a problem. That just makes it fester within, and ultimately you’ll have a big blow out, or an eruption—and they may not even be around for it! The first step to move on is acknowledging what’s going on. Okay, you don’t like this person. Say you have to interact with them at work. Keep it professional. That doesn’t mean act fake, or not be true to who you are. It does mean you have the opportunity to look at your beliefs. What does this person trigger within you? What are they a mirror to? If they’re out of integrity, how are you out of integrity? Maybe they blab too much. What’s your communication like? Do you talk about them after work? At work? Do you feel you work hard, and they have fun? What’s the trigger for you?

Once you can find the trigger, see what good is in the situation. Maybe you have a great view out a window at work. Maybe you work Sunday through Thursday and love your schedule. Find what you do like, and focus on that. If you plan to leave your job, focus on the good, knowing that good comes with you to your new employment, and say, “This or something better” for the other stuff. For the stuff you hate—focus on the good you’ll accept. Don’t gripe about the bad performers, that will only put energy on them, and bring that type with you.

Change is cumulative. You have to be part of it. You can’t be conscious for a week, and coast for three. Decide what you want, and claim it. Then stay focused. If you drift, don’t get mad at yourself, just acknowledge you drifted, then get back on track, focusing in the direction you intend to go.


New Thought: Cause, Medium and Effect

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In New Thought teachings, terminology is often different than what traditional religion uses. One instance is the term “Trinity”. In traditional teachings, it’s the Father, Son, Holy Ghost. In New Thought, it can be: Cause, Medium and Effect; Spirit, Mind, Body; Principle, Activity, Expression; Conceive, Believe, Achieve. Whatever the wording, Trinity is Oneness.

Cause, Medium and Effect. Cause has two parts: First Cause, which is impersonal, and second Cause, which is the way we personalize First Cause. First Cause is recognizing everything God is. Second Cause is unifying with what we recognize as God.  (These are the first two steps in affirmative prayer, or spiritual mind treatment, as it’s known by some.)

Medium is the Law of Mind. It only says, “Yes”. It responds the same way every single time. Medium is the Law of nature, the action of God.

Effect is the out picturing  of our beliefs, our life experiences. It is the mirror image back to us.

The Trinity is everywhere.

Affirmative Prayer. Step 3 of 6. Denial.

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Denial is the third step in Spiritual Mind Treatment, if it’s used. If we experience an appearance of separation, this is the place in treatment where we direct the Energy (God, Higher Self) to remove any cause of any fear, pain, lack or beliefs in any need to experience the appearance of things unwanted.

We’re not denying there are problems. We’re denying those problems have power, and we’re denying that any cause of problems need to continue. We’re always at the point of choice. We must be honest with ourselves. If we’re too proud, hurt or stubborn, we may not be able to see that in some way, it was our misguided thinking that brought something less than wonderful into our experience. In the essay, “Spiritual Laws,” Ralph Waldo Emerson writes, “Let us take our bloated nothingness out of the path of the divine circuits.” The issue to be dealt with is never the experience (the effect) but the belief (the cause) behind it. If you’re having trouble at work, it’s not the work. There’s a belief, even if deep and unknown that needs to be healed to change the situation. When that belief is changed, the situation will change. You may love the job, or find a better one. If the belief isn’t dealt with, and you just leave the job, you’ll have a hassle at the next job, too. Levels of consciousness follow us. The good news is if we grow our consciousness, that follows us, too.

Dealing with the cause instead of the effect, is similar to pulling up a weed. If we keep chopping off the top, the weed will keep growing back. We’ve only dealt with the effect, not the cause of the weed. If we spend time and effort to get to the root of the weed, we’ll have tended to our garden in a way that ultimately benefits everyone who experiences it.

Whatever the cause of the block we experience—known or unknown—tell the cause of the block, as Ernest Holmes put it, “Go back to the nothingness from where you came.” Then replace the thought you’ve negated with one you chose to nurture. Prove to yourself by talking to yourself, and visualizing what you do want to experience. Talk yourself into believing the reasons it’s possible—and therefore possible for you to achieve. What you can conceive and believe, you can achieve.

Tell your Higher Self to heal the cause of any belief in needing to experience chaos, strife, lack —anything unlike harmony. Any cause of anything unlike perfect health, wealth, mutually loving relationships, happiness, order, etc. It’s removed from your experience now. It dissolves as quickly as a cube of sugar in a cup of hot tea, and is replaced with the attribute you wish to experience. The Law of nature abhors a void. Make sure you replace what you direct to be removed with what you desire. Otherwise, nature takes the path of least resistance, replacing the newly removed with itself because it hasn’t been directed to do otherwise.

Direct your higher self to pull the weed-cause of what you don’t want, and then you direct It by planting the idea you do want. The trick with this is that you don’t go back and gossip, bad mouth money, or talk about what you’ve just directed the Universe to delete. If so, just keep on it. Delete the cause, replace with the desire.

This is part three of five posts on affirmative prayer.


Envision it!

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Spiritual Law is as if there is one stick; a continuum. Even if things seem opposite, such as hot and cold and light and dark they are two ends to the same stick; different degrees of the same energy. Cold is the absence of a degree of heat. Dark is the absence of a degree of light. Everything is on this continuum. For every action there is a reaction. This is the Law of Cause and Effect, or as Ralph Waldo Emerson called it, the Law of Compensation. Our thinking and consciousness may change, but the Law is constant. It is principle.

The Law of Spirit is impersonal. We personalize the Law. It works the same for everyone. Water will refresh, or drown life. Gravity will bounce the ball when we drop it, or kill us if we jump out of an airplane without a parachute. If someone has a consciousness of mutually loving relationships or perfect health, they’ll draw to them experiences that support their beliefs—just as someone who has the consciousness of lack and limitation will draw effects that support their beliefs. This is not the universe choosing who will have and who will go without; it is the universe saying, “Yes” to all we choose. Even if our choices are not ones of joy, we are free to choose.

What is something you would like to create in your life? (Better health, order, increased loving relationships, more positive cash flow…)

  • Take that idea and nurture it. As an example, if you want to create better health, look at what you’re putting into your body, your sleep patterns, what you do – or don’t do for your mind, body and soul. What are you saying about or to your body? Are you are willing to make one small change this week toward your goal?
  • Envision the outcome of what you want to create. (It can be improved health, increased wealth, more loving relationships, a fantastic job—whatever.) What does the outcome look like? What does it feel like? In your mind, what are you hearing you and others say about your wonderful outcome? Where are you? What are you doing?  Who is with you? Bring in all your senses as strongly as you can into the creation of your vision in mind. Come from a feeling glory and celebration – of really being in the moment where this creation is taking place. Not from a feeling of wishing, hoping, yearning for “one day” – because those are feelings of lack (I wish I had…) and your body will take on the feeling of lack instead of feeling of, Yippee!!! It’s like daydreaming with intention. Make it fun.

Are you washing your ten-year old car as if it is your new Jaguar? Or are you not washing it, and talking trash about it when you get into it?

Principles, Truths and Laws of Nature

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Principles, truths and laws of nature never change, they remain exact. When we don’t follow principles in an exact way, our answers vary—but the principle never changes. We’ll always get water when we add two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. It’s a law of nature; a principle. If we don’t follow principle exactly, we’ll end up with hydrogen peroxide instead!

If we wish to change the effect, we must first change the cause. It’s been proven through Quantum Physics that our DNA changes shape depending upon our feelings. Our DNA actually stretches, lengthening when feelings of gratitude, joy, appreciation and love are felt. Negative emotions shut down the DNA in our body. (Greg Braden, The God Code.) “Change your thinking, change your life” is more than a catchy phrase. It’s addressing cause and effect.

A prayer for healing may be answered by guidance to the perfect, right doctor. That’s great, but if the cause of why the doctor was needed isn’t addressed, there will be reoccurrence in some form or other. Pain and dis-ease are the body’s way of telling us something requires attention. Pain is a message through our body to love and care for ourselves. If just the pain is removed and not the cause of it, the pain will show up later, or in a different form until the cause is dealt with, which can get more involved if it’s a mountain of buried issues to work through.

Pray for the consciousness of what is desired, such as the consciousness of perfect health, physical comfort, mutually loving relationships. . . Replacing the cause of the unwanted experience (communication breakdowns, joblessness, etc.) with love, creates a sturdier foundation for that area of your life. God works for us to the extent It can work through us. As Emerson wrote, “Get your bloated nothingness out of the way of the Divine circuits.”

This is true for all areas of life. If someone has an argument, patches it up—and next week they’re in a spat with someone else, the cause of the disrupt isn’t being dealt with. Essentially, a band-aid has been applied, but keeps being ripped off, opening the wound again. They don’t have the consciousness of healthy, happy mutually loving relationships. By having a relationship consciousness, interactions with all people, not just one relationship in particular get better, and are maintained at this higher level.


Law of Attraction

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Principles, Law of Attraction or Natural Laws. Whatever the name, the marriage between our mental and emotion desires doesn’t always happen, and we often don’t even know it! Of course we want to be healthy, happy and abundant. Then why aren’t we all running around as we desire? It isn’t one word or one thought that throws us overboard, but there is a tipping point. When the scales tip 51% that side wins. It’s also a matter of habit. We can tip the scales to our benefit when we develop strong, healthy mental and emotional habits.

There are facts that are unchangeable. Think of chemistry: When you add one atom of oxygen with two atoms of hydrogen, you will always arrive at water. By exchanging the two atoms of hydrogen for one atom of carbon, the result is carbon monoxide—a poisonous gas. Now think paints and color: A certain amount of yellow mixed with a certain amount of blue will always create green. These principles that work in chemistry, math, and art work the same way in our subconscious mind.

We do not create principle. We never change a principle. We must learn to use principle. Electricity. It can warm us, or it can burn our house down. It’s power, and we didn’t create it. It was here all along, and how to use it discovered, leading to inventions. Our subconscious mind is principle.

Subconscious mind works according to our belief. Some say, “Then why haven’t I won the lotto?” Somewhere, there’s a belief it’s not possible, not your time yet, will cause more headache than you want, is bad, or you’re not good enough, or your church will learn you gamble—and on and on. Bottom line is, if you buy lotto and believe (subconsciously) that you’re a lotto winner, you’ll win.

Which may open a whole new view to your subconscious mind. Sometimes people are real good at winning, or drawing to them great relationships, but they don’t have the subconscious mind/emotion set to maintain the winning or relationship.

I’m good at winning things like “guess how much candy is in the jar,” or hula-hoop contests. I’ve won some books, too. The same friend was with me for two of my winnings. We walked into the event, and when I learned a certain book was being raffled, I told her, “I’m winning that book!”—And I did. Another time, names were being pulled from a basket for opportunities to have energy work done that evening on stage with a renown energy healer, Dr. Kam Yuen. I told her, “Oh! I’m in!” My name was called. One by one people went up and had their moment in front of hundreds. My turn. I said nothing. Immediately, he went for my shoulder. It had hurt a for few years from a fall. He brushed my shoulder and my it felt like a boulder fell off! The pain has been gone since. He then asked me some questions, which he’d not done to other participants. One question I remember was, “Why aren’t you in a relationship?” The crowd and I laughed. He waited for my answer. “The men here…” “When the time is right…” Then he said, “Why not change your thinking?” (What a concept!) When my time was over, I reached out to shake his hand. He reached wider to hug me. My friend pointed out that every woman on stage except me had gone to hug him, and he didn’t hug any of them, but gave a handshake instead.

One year, I was a a street fair, and had some fun an a surfboard set up like a teeter-totter, in front of a big screen video game—you guessed it—of an ocean with sharks, other surfers, etc The idea was to hit some of them and earn points, and out race others so not to get eaten. My time was good and at the end of the day I won the opportunity to go to the finals for a chance to win $100. $300. or $500. “YES!” I headed off to the finals and barely anyone was there. My game was great during practice. I was a sure win for $500. Until one of the “surf crew” saw some guys who hadn’t pre-qualified, but hey, they were warm bodies, and they were invited to compete. Then, at the last minute, the surf board I’d been practicing on broke, and I had to use the board the guys had been practicing on. It had a very different feel to it. These guys were competitive, and I could feel it. The fun was gone for me. In less than twenty minutes I’d gone from a sure $500. to sweating it for $100. I held two beliefs: Money comes easily to me. Others can elbow in without putting in the time or much effort, and walk away with more. Both beliefs were my reality.

It’s not how much we want something, our mindset, or how good of a person we are. It’s principle. It’s our subconscious mind carrying out our thoughts. It’s the Law.

How the Universe Works

What would it be like to take one day a week and give only thanks in prayer rather than asking forsomething, or petitioning God. No matter what the current outlook, do you give thanks for what is, and for how excited you are to discover the situation’s outcome? Prayer isn’t about “getting” — it’s about change. Changing our consciousness.

When we pray “Oh, God, give me this” or, “Give me this and I’ll do that” it’s not a prayer at all. It’s a business deal, and we’re calling the shots. The Universe doesn’t work like that. Run a perception check right now. Have you been whining about work? Bad mouthing someone? Complaining about money? Is your response to defend all the reasons you hate your job, and the louse who isn’t paying you enough? —And after all, you’re only involved in gossip, back-biting pettiness, because the person is so stupid, or rude, right? NO! You’re partaking in verbal graffiti. There is no justification. It’s up to you to change your thinking, and change your life. Only you can do it. To take from a song, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.”

Don’t like the job? Sit down and get quiet. Do you know if this situation is temporary? Is it a stepping stone? A learning curve for you? (It may be a spiritual learning curve, and that doesn’t always show up in the setting we expect.) Are you willing to leave the job, neighborhood or person? Do you believe you’re worthy of the position or situation you want to manifest? Do you listen for guidance? (Do you ask for it?) — If you think that’s an odd thing to write after beginning the post with “Praise, don’t ask” re-read the first sentence: Take one day a week in prayer to praise, and give thanks rather than asking forsomething, or petitioning God. In the Jewish teaching, the Sabbath is a day to refrain from asking God for “more.” The day is meant for expressing thanks to God.

In all things give thanks. Got food? Thank you God! Maybe your home was destroyed by Sandy. Did someone open their home to you? It’s not brushing over tough situations, it’s shining the light on what’s working in your life. The stronger the wind behind the ocean, the bigger the waves. Same is true with our thoughts and perceptions. If we run around taking smack about our life, guess what? We’re creating a storm, and we’ll get more smack to talk about. Oh, no. Don’t want that!

So, turn it around. It’s cause and effect. Make sure the wind behind the ocean is harnessed power, one that will sail your ship in the direction you intend to go, rather than destroy your ship. We never go directly from point A to point B, but if our intention is focused and we stay true to our desires, the detours won’t be as drastic, and many of the adventures will bring us joy along the way.

This brings us back to focusing on what we want to experience. Not as in, “I want this, and this, and that…” but as in, if I want a better job, it serves me well to praise everything about my current job. (Even if you still feel the louse doesn’t pay you enough.) Thank God for an income. Think of anything you can about the job that you like. Is it close to home? Do you have a window with a nice view? As you go through everything you can think of that’s good in the situation, take that “good” energy and feel it. Don’t just go through the motions of making a mental list, and saying, “Thank you.” Our Universe is a feeling, creative one. It picks up on your vibration. If this is dreaded homework, find a way that works better for you. Mostly, stay out of the intellect. That’s where the ego lives. The Creative Mind is the mind of God. It lives in the imagination; the home of possibilities.

One day this week, see how many people, things and events you can hold in gratitude, without asking for “more.”