Attitude Up!

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Life happens. Even happy, healthy people get cancer. As a New Thought minister, I’d hear new students talk about another person’s situation: “It’s all attitude” can become a flippant catch-all phrase.

It goes way beyond talkin’ the talk. It’s not necessarily what we say; it’s what we feel. Often, people don’t know the cause behind their situation (health, wealth, partnerships. . . ) It’s the conviction we have—knowingly or not. The universe doesn’t respect ignorance. Fire can heat a house, or burn the house down. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t know it would do that.

Same is true with emotions. They can bring us up, or take us down. An example of this: Think of a very happy moment in your life. Stay with it—are you smiling? Now, think of something that brought (or could bring) you sadness. If you stay with it, you’ll feel heavy and may even cry.

So. . . Obviously, focusing on happy times is more rewarding. BUT — do not fall into the blame-game (of yourself, or others.) That’s not healthy! If you feel sad, be okay with that. Don’t wash over it as if it didn’t happen. Heal it. Go to the cause. You may not even need to know the exact cause – but know “the cause of this situation needs healing.” It may be a one-time fix. It may be something to work on for a while. None of the details matter. Be open to a healing, be open to the commitment on your part involved in achieving that healing.

In the big picture, It is all good—but we may have to dig a bit deeper in the pile to find the pony. Good can come out of tough situations.

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