Metaphysical Terms and Meanings

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Most people, even if they’re  not steeped in traditional religion know traditional definitions of  terms like devil, sin and evil. Metaphysical, New Thought meanings of these words differ from how traditional religious institutions use them.

In New Thought, or metaphysics, the terms devil, sin, evil and hell may be used, but, as you’d guess, in a different sense. New Thought teaches that we all have free will, and are Divinely guided.

Christ-Consciousness: Jesus did not have the last name of Christ. He was given the title, Jesus the Christ because of his crystal clear consciousness. The “anointed” one. In Hebrew, “Messiah.” In Greek, “Khristos.” New Thought teachings talk about Christ-consciousness when they are talking about crystal clear knowingness, our solid connection with the Divine. (Not to be confused with the Divine’s connection with us, because that never changes. It is us who move, or cloud over, not the Divine.) Meditation is one of the many ways to help us in our clear, or Christ-consciousness.

The devil made me do it: The devil did not make you do anything. He does not exist, and gets a bad rap from people not willing to take responsibility for their own actions.

Ever gone to heaven and found hell? Heaven and hell are states of consciousness, not destinations. You can be in a beautiful place with someone you love and be in hell. You can also be in ugly surroundings with no one you know and find heaven. If you think about heaven and hell being in your mind, rather than when you die, you may free yourself from living out of obligation and guilt, and just might truly begin to live, and finding you do more from love because the self-imposed pressure is off you.

To sin is to miss the mark: Sin is an ancient archery term with the origin of Hebrew and Greek. It literally means “to miss the mark.” “Mark” is the “bull’s eye” at which the marksman takes aim. When we’re off balance, or off-center, we have “missed the mark.” When we’ve “missed the mark” we’re not consciously aligned with our Christ-consciousness, and some would say we’re “sinning.” “Go and sin no more.” Rough translation: Get your act together. Take better aim of the bull’s eye in life. Pay attention and do your part to live as high-minded and consciously as you can.

Negative thinking and talking is “missing the mark.” When we’re off center, we’re not hitting the bull’s eye. Fasting is to “turn the other cheek” (to look the other way) from negative thoughts and practices. Prayer is the affirmation of good.  Negative thoughts, words and actions can be considered sin, and to take it a step further, some would say this is blasphemy because to think and talk in less than glorifying ways is to denigrate God, the Creator of all, the image and energy which we are made from.

Evil is a mistaken idea: Evil is a belief in separation that will remain as long as we believe in it. “No matter how powerful the dark seems it has no power to stop the light that comes from either a searchlight or tiny candle” (Starcke, It’s All Good). New Thought teachings don’t deny the appearance of darkness, but deny it has power over Light.

New Thought, New Outcome

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In the Hindu scriptures, The Bhagavad Gita states:

Don’t say anything




Try this for one week, one day—or one hour. If you are successful, bump it up and keep it going. Like all of nature, we ebb and flow. We’ll be on target, then drop off. That’s when to be even more conscious about our thoughts, words and actions.

Respect Your Money

I just saw a blog with a photo of people standing on money that had been scattered on the floor. The photo looked like it was taken at a party, with young women in high heels. The reference to the photo was about being so rich you could walk all over money.



Money is energy. If you treat anything (or anyone) with the attitude that you can treat it poorly, it WILL up and leave you!

It’s not the millionaires and billionaires we see stepping on money. It’s the “I wanna be rich—fast rich group.” They’ll talk trash about money, their jobs, and each other, while pretending for perfect strangers they are competent with cash. They’re missing the whole point of a “feel rich party”. It’s about consciousness. If everything is energy, then what goes around really does come around—including what we do or say to ourselves and others. Stop talking trash about money, and that you don’t have enough of it!

When you give, whatever you give comes back to you. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means when you give, the law of nature must kick in and give back to you. The laws of nature work in-kind. It does not guarantee from whence it comes. You may let someone in front of you at the grocery store, and later in the day notice people are holding the door open for you, and drivers are letting you merge with ease. You let that person in front of you at the grocery store without thinking, “If I do this, then things will flow for me.” Can you give money without calculating from whom and how much you expect to reap? If that’s the angle you come from, your consciousness will attract people of like-minded thinking into your experience. (And uh-oh, they may be even better at the give-to-get game.) When you give – whatever it is, give freely, with joy! Money is like blood; it’s meant to circulate.


What are your thoughts about the Universe providing for you? Do you feel money is tight? Is that your focus? Or, are you aware you’re doing your part, and the Universe is doing its part?

Do you have a pair of shoes? How abundant you are! You have access to a computer. How abundant you are! No matter what comes up when you looks at your numbers – go back and recognize how provided for you are. Open up your refrigerator at home – if there’s food in it, that’s abundance! The fact you have a refrigerator, and that it’s plugged in are two more pieces of evidence that you’re abundant. Transportation. Private or public, you have it. Roof over your head? Look around for how many ways you can prove to yourself how abundant you are. Now, go to the feeling of gratitude for all that abundance.

Are you committed enough to fill a notebook page of things for which you’re grateful? Do it for a week. Maybe even a month. You’ll see your attitude shift. If you know you won’t do that, don’t beat yourself up, but take some action. Make a list – written or verbal – of ten things, events or people for which you’re grateful.

(Do it now.)