Consciously Deciding


Photo Credit: Google Image


Sometimes we can get caught up in the outer pull. A sale. A season. The excitement around us, or the smell of a bakery. Be conscious. I love the bakery aroma! Sometimes, I even love the bakery taste! More than once I’ve found myself in the bakery, or store bakery section for a peek or to get a whiff of the treats. I know this sounds a bit eccentric, but as usually, as I look, I imagine the taste before deciding if I will buy it. Ah, beautiful, but not sweet enough. Wow. That’s huge—and I’d eat it all now, then regret it. $7 for a small pastry! Holy cow! I’d rather donate the money to a local hiking trail. If my desire and imagined or remembered taste meet my feel good point, I buy it. No guilt. The point being, be conscious in whatever you do.

Do You bake? Have you ever made a cake so you can have two or three pieces? Give the rest of the cake to neighbors who don’t talk about calories or eating only organic. (Give those sorts of neighbors carrots.) By sharing, the cake will stay fresh, and sharing a treat creates a bit of unexpected fun. Who knows, maybe they’ll have just bought some ice cream and offer to share with you!

I confess, once I made a pie because I wanted a piece. I had every intention to share with a neighbor, but when the pie was ready, I noticed they were busy. (Too busy for pie?) I ended up having (really good) apple pie for breakfast for a few days. Next time I made pie, I told those same neighbors I was about to make it, and asked them if they wanted to come over in about two hours. They were thrilled. I was consciously aware of what I was doing. When it comes time to eat your bakery or home made treat, enjoy! Savor! Taste the experience, not just the flavor.