I Accept My Good (An Affirmative Prayer)

As published in Creative Thought Magazine

The Universe serves me to the extent I allow. I open and receive my good by recognizing Spirit is the Source of all. As I unify with it, I am filled with strength and clarity, moving me forward into my daily activities with joy and confidence.

I now draw the people and events to assist me in the achievement of all my dreams and goals. I am receptive to serve as I hear the call. I allow Spirit to work in, around, through and for me. It guides me on my soul’s journey as I show up at work, in my family, and in my community. What I want for myself, I want for everyone. As I pray for peace, I am peace inside and out. As I pray for prosperity, I freely share my good with others. Everywhere I look, I see the evidence of Spirit; I see Spirit in action.

I give thanks for the good in my life, knowing it is as close and easy as my next breath. I let it be.

Rev. Claudia Mulcahy