I Accept My Good (An Affirmative Prayer)

As published in Creative Thought Magazine

The Universe serves me to the extent I allow. I open and receive my good by recognizing Spirit is the Source of all. As I unify with it, I am filled with strength and clarity, moving me forward into my daily activities with joy and confidence.

I now draw the people and events to assist me in the achievement of all my dreams and goals. I am receptive to serve as I hear the call. I allow Spirit to work in, around, through and for me. It guides me on my soul’s journey as I show up at work, in my family, and in my community. What I want for myself, I want for everyone. As I pray for peace, I am peace inside and out. As I pray for prosperity, I freely share my good with others. Everywhere I look, I see the evidence of Spirit; I see Spirit in action.

I give thanks for the good in my life, knowing it is as close and easy as my next breath. I let it be.

Rev. Claudia Mulcahy

I am prosperous (An Affirmative Prayer)

As published in Creative Thought Magazine, November 2008

There is one Infinite Source. This abundance lives in, through, and for all. I recognize it as my senses and experiences.

I move into conscious gratitude for the cells in my body, keeping me in perfect, abundant health. I am aware of the blessed relationships in my life and celebrate the richness they bring. I fully accept the energy of opulence in all areas, including my finances. I am prosperous because I believe in my prosperity, and take every step in that direction. I circulate prosperity. I contribute to the wealth of the world one thought and one action at a time. I am rich for these experiences. So much has brought me to the awareness of abundance in my life, and I give thanks.

Rev. Claudia Mulcahy

I Stay on Course: (An Affirmative Prayer)

As published in Creative Thought Magazine, September 2009

Spirit guides me and provides for my every need. There is no way to avoid or separate myself from this loving, creative Power. I recognize and unify with this Creative Intelligence.

Being one with the Divine, I create magnificence. I walk my talk, knowing my heart, and allow Spirit to show up as my highest good. I trust the flow of life to keep me focused on the good Spirit is. I stay consistent with gratitude, praise and love. I hold my head high, gracefully allowing Spirit to lead the way. Even in times of seeming turbulence, I stay the course. I am Divinely protected, guided, and inspired as I move forward in confidence with the Power of Spirit at all times.

I bring my mind and body to peace, and as I do this, the strength of Spirit makes itself known to me. In gratitude, I know all is well.

Rev. Claudia Mulcahy



My Provider Dwells Within (An Affirmative Prayer)

As published in Creative Thought Magazine, January 2010

As I awaken to Truth, I am reminded Spirit is everywhere supporting all life. My awareness tells me there is no separation between life forms. I experience the One Life, One Love, and One Presence in all I do.

I know I am completely provided for. I am aware of Spirit guiding me as I go about my day. Evidence of Divine Intelligence is always with me, for It is the only Power. My life is opulent. I am consciously aware of my abundant world as I look around and feel the riches in every aspect of my experience. God is good, and good is always present in my world. If I am in fear about apparent lack, I refocus on Truth. I take a deep breath, knowing I allow the Universe to work in my life. I shift my thoughts to what I have and spend time in mind and heart feeling blessed.

I return to my awareness of the One Life in every moment. Divine Intelligence is always with me and always for me. With deep gratitude, I give thanks and claim my good now. And so it is.

Rev. Claudia Mulcahy

I Am Guided: (Meditation/Prayer)

As published in Creative Thought Magazine, November 2009

I am guided to make the right choices and make them with ease. Everywhere I go, I see support for my highest good. I am clear what I want to experience and act accordingly while expecting it to manifest. I fully accept that Spirit works in my life for good. I am taken care of without struggle. I allow Spirit to show up in my life as helpful people, physical comfort, the positive flow of events, and peace of mind. Life is a privilege, and dI respond to it by making life-affirming choices.

I release the past and any fear connected to it, claiming empowerment now. By doing this, I am blessed and move forward with ease and grace in gratitude for the guidance I receive and follow. And so it is.

Rev. Claudia Mulcahy