Book Vending Machine

Wintertime. The desire to cozy up with a book. Remember the grab bag days? You’d buy a bag of  who knows what for a quarter, and sometimes it was just what you wanted, and others, Well. . . Here the new version of it for books. Quite clever!

What are some of your favorite books and what are they about? I’ve had two people see three bookcases full of books, look at them and tell me, “You have boring books.” Ha! I have tons of non-fiction. You’d be hard-pressed to find a novel or other fiction. The genres are mostly Spiritual, Motivational, Self-Help,  and New Thought.

If I could be sure a bibliomat popped out one of my favored genres, I’d love the surprise of  this modern day grab bag. The idea makes me want to visit a gum-ball machine. I just donated a bunch of book to the library. If the bibliomat were closer to me, I’d happily donate books.

2 thoughts on “Book Vending Machine

  1. I saw a book vending machine on my recent trip to Tokyo. It wasn’t bibliomat – it was completely different. The vending machine looked like the type selling snacks – with a big glass front so you could see the books you wanted to buy. And it was located in the subway station.

    I would have loved to buy a book from it but all the books were in Japanese 😦 Thinking back on it now, I should still have bought one as a souvenir. Oh well….maybe next time 🙂

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