Principles, Truths and Laws of Nature

Laws of Nature Image Credit: Good Search

Principles, truths and laws of nature never change, they remain exact. When we don’t follow principles in an exact way, our answers vary—but the principle never changes. We’ll always get water when we add two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. It’s a law of nature; a principle. If we don’t follow principle exactly, we’ll end up with hydrogen peroxide instead!

If we wish to change the effect, we must first change the cause. It’s been proven through Quantum Physics that our DNA changes shape depending upon our feelings. Our DNA actually stretches, lengthening when feelings of gratitude, joy, appreciation and love are felt. Negative emotions shut down the DNA in our body. (Greg Braden, The God Code.) “Change your thinking, change your life” is more than a catchy phrase. It’s addressing cause and effect.

A prayer for healing may be answered by guidance to the perfect, right doctor. That’s great, but if the cause of why the doctor was needed isn’t addressed, there will be reoccurrence in some form or other. Pain and dis-ease are the body’s way of telling us something requires attention. Pain is a message through our body to love and care for ourselves. If just the pain is removed and not the cause of it, the pain will show up later, or in a different form until the cause is dealt with, which can get more involved if it’s a mountain of buried issues to work through.

Pray for the consciousness of what is desired, such as the consciousness of perfect health, physical comfort, mutually loving relationships. . . Replacing the cause of the unwanted experience (communication breakdowns, joblessness, etc.) with love, creates a sturdier foundation for that area of your life. God works for us to the extent It can work through us. As Emerson wrote, “Get your bloated nothingness out of the way of the Divine circuits.”

This is true for all areas of life. If someone has an argument, patches it up—and next week they’re in a spat with someone else, the cause of the disrupt isn’t being dealt with. Essentially, a band-aid has been applied, but keeps being ripped off, opening the wound again. They don’t have the consciousness of healthy, happy mutually loving relationships. By having a relationship consciousness, interactions with all people, not just one relationship in particular get better, and are maintained at this higher level.


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