Perspective Image Credit: Good Search

Perspective. Ever have a point of view that differs from someone else? Yeah, I thought so. Take their perspective for a moment—even if you strongly disagree with it. By doing this, you’re not making your perception wrong. You’re opening your mind, broadening your view, and possibly you’ll be able to understand the other person a bit more, even if you decide to continue to disagree with them on that subject.

Everything begins in mind. thoughts create feelings, feelings create our environment and experiences.

One day I physically hurt, was tired and in a bad mood. A friend knew I was in a slump. She called and left me a voice-mail, singing a song we knew from a church years back they taught at Sunday school. “Every cell in my body is healthy. Every cell in my body is well. Healthy and well – every little cell. Every little cell is healthy and well!” I started laughing when I heard this. I physically felt a shift. She’s also been called to leave a joke or two on my voice-mail, “just because”.

Think of something that makes you feel sad, or upset. Check-in with how your body feels. You’ll physically feel heavier, pulled down. Now, shift. Think of something that makes you feel happy. You’ll literally feel lighter, taller. When you feel down, physically look up. I don’t know if you can’t cry when you look up, or if it’s just harder. Try it next time you’re out of Kleenex at the movies. But don’t do it to stuff the tears on a regular basis. Tears are healing, and we wouldn’t have them if they didn’t serve a purpose to cleanse, communicate and comfort.

Perspective: A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something. New Oxford American Dictionary.

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