This or Something Better

This or Something Better

I include in my prayers—especially if someone else is involved, “This or something better.” We don’t have power over others, and we don’t know what “This or something better” really is until it unfolds, and sometimes we never know, based on our vision of “No.” I  pray for “This or something better” especially for the “biggies” when I want to ensure that no thing or no one will screw it up!

It all looks so great when we want our manifestation to be “This or something better.” We never consider a “No” answer could come our way. At least, when we pray affirmative prayers, the focus is on the affirmation, not the possibility of a “No.” This is really to my benefit, because, it gives me something to hang onto when hit by the WHAMMM of “No”—Seemingly out of nowhere. It almost always seems like a horrific butt-kick when it comes back as a “No”, only later to feel the absolute blessing of “This or something better.” Honest.

I look back on relationships faded, not getting “THAT” job offer, and health issues of mine, and others. From what I can see, they all unfolded as “This or something better.” If you’re heart yearns for something, someone, or an experience, try this:

In your prayers, meditations and comments, add “This or something better.” It keeps you open to highest good for all involved. If it’s not good for everyone, it’s not good for anyone.

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