Prayer Affirmation for Inner Peace

inner peace affirmative prayer

Please take a few minutes to join me in this spiritual, not religious, affirmative prayer for inner peace.

In America, there’s lots of heart ache right now. We’re in the midst of the season of love, joy – the season especially for children. For those who’ve been touched by the school shooting last week — wether in person, or through news, there’s lots of healing to take place. It won’t happen over night, but my prayer is that it will happen.

Below is an affirmative prayer. It’s actually part prayer, part meditation, and part teaching someone who’s not used to prayer or meditation what they can do to bring themselves inner peace. It is only by raising our personal energetic vibration that we can shift the energies around us, the collective consciousness. Thanks for taking the time to read this. It isn’t “religious” but written for all.

There is One power. It is God, the good. This presence of good is in all. There is no separation. We can think we’re separate, we can act as if we’re separate, but God, the good is in us, as us. It is closer than our very next breath.

Just as a drop of the ocean has all of the ocean within it, we have all of God within us. Not one person has more God than another. Some may study or practice It more, but God is within us 100% — all the time —waiting for our recognition and acceptance of It to activate into glorious fulfillment.

When there’s pain or confusion, turn to the peaceful power within. It never left. Things just got noisy and the still, quiet voice was muffled.

Stop. Breathe. Turn off the T.V. or radio. Stop the monkey-mind chatter. Leave your troubles at the door or at your feet. If you want the troubles back when you’re done sitting still, you can consciously pick them up again—or not—because you’ll be of clear mind, and able to decide they don’t serve you.

Look for good. Are you frustrated about how people are driving? Look for the good drivers! Bless them, thank them as you’re on the road together, creating a safe atmosphere for everyone. Look for spots of beauty. Consciously acknowledge it! “Isn’t that a gorgeous cloud!”

Listen to God. It’s speaking to you all the time. The nudge, the gift, the comfort in times of pain and confusion.

Even in incredibly tough times, there are shards of light for which to be grateful. Give thanks. What did or didn’t happen in the midst of chaos? Who was or wasn’t there that made it a bit better. The whys may never get answered. We may need to create our own answers to “why”, or move forward without having them answered.

Let go. When someone dies it’s often like a rope burn. They’ve been pulled from our grasp. We mourn, heal, mourn more; heal more. The memories keep us company. We hope and trust the pain will soften.

Be gentle on you, on others,

Peace. Deep Peace.

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