What would you do?


Sleep Tight

Photo credit: Claudia Mulcahy, Ice Hotel


Hotel foyer

Ice Hotel foyer

What if money were no object. What would you do with your life?

This is a link to a short video. It asks that question, What would you do? I was so fortunate to have parents say, “Love what you do.” I’ve had over thirty jobs, three to five of them are what I’d call career jobs—You know, the ones that people think you’ll stay in forever. I’ve loved most my jobs—until I didn’t.

I have a canny ability to know when to move on. When I get itchy feet, it’s time. I’ve never feared walking away from a job, perhaps because I’m good at getting them. Or maybe because I’ve always valued my sanity more than a a title or paycheck. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a great employee and love money for all it can bring in experiences, including peace of mind.  But when push comes to shove, I hear my mother calling, and it’s time to leave. (I can hear the cartoon fast-feet music now!)

I save money. I live a frugal lifestyle—which allows me a lifestyle some call lavish. When I left one of my more recent jobs, I was asked, “What are you going to do?” When I answered, “Go to the Ice Hotel” all I knew is that I just had to leave, and the first thing I’d do was a ten year dream of mine. When I returned, I gave myself a few months, and my company, “Spirit and Money Matters” came via meditation while sitting in the morning sunshine on my lawn in a beach chair.

For me, having had a kazillion jobs isn’t all roses, but it’s been more roses than thorns. Do I wish I were still a minister? Less as time moves on. Do I wish I still made an executive business coach salary? Sometimes, but rules were changing. What about the security of a retirement with being a social worker?  I admire my friends who’ve stayed the course, but I wasn’t a “lifer” social worker, that’s for sure.

The only thing that remains the same is change. As long as we make choices we’re happy with, we’ll be okay. (Remember, we can always chose again. If we make a “bad” choice, we can change it by making a “good” one.) Sort of like the good witch and the bad witch. Who’s shoes will you wear today?

In the long run, I’m happy with the choices I’ve made. Very happy. I left most jobs on a high note, saved money, and usually chose to travel somewhere before picking up my new persona. . . I love the variety and all I’ve learned.

If you’re out of work now, it’s not the economy. You may end up in a completely new type of job. Be open. It’s not even “the blank resume” factor. What did you do while not working? It may earn you more points than “holding a job” – even lab mice can do that. What would you do if money was no object?

You may not end up as company president, but then again, maybe you will.

What does your heart say?


Listen. . .


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