Subconscious and Conscious Mind

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We each have one mind having two spheres. One aspect of the mind is called the conscious mind, also known as the objective mind. Another aspect is the subconscious mind, also known as the subjective or unconscious mind.

Think of your body as a ship with a captain and crew. The conscious mind is the ship’s captain, keeping watch and giving orders to the ship’s crew in the engine room (the subconscious mind). The work crew then follows those orders, not asking questions or debating because the captain is in charge, and is supposed to know what he’s doing. The crew simply carries out the orders they receive. The crew does  not originate ideas or initiate activity. It only receives and accepts. Once it accepts the idea, it begins to work on it. It works for good and bad ideas. When it works for a negative outcome, there’s failure, and unhappiness. If you find yourself in the middle of a negative statement, stop. Don’t finish the sentence. Reconstruct it with a non-limiting statement. When habitual thoughts are constructive, you’ll experience more and more of the constructive outcomes. You will have more happiness, health and abundance.

Sometimes, the results are immediate; other times they’re off in a distance. Either way, the subconscious mind works on your belief. The subconscious doesn’t have a sense of humor. It just follows orders given.

When I was applying to colleges, a friend mentioned one in particular. I responded, “They’d have to pay me to go their!” Years after that, I was back in school. I ran into my friend from way back when. She asked what I was up to and I told her—completely forgetting about our conversation years earlier. She laughed at the fact I was attending the school I’d refused years before, and mockingly said, “They’d have to pay me to go their.” Then it hit me. I continued to tell her I was on a grant, and receiving a stipend.

A more recent reminder of how results can unfold almost instantaneously: Every other month, I’d been driving 40 miles once a week for a 4 week class I taught. I was on the side of profit, but not making what I felt was worth my time. I enjoyed the class, but dealing with traffic is my least favorite thing. Before heading out to class one evening, I sat down on the couch and out loud stated with conviction some money and self-worth affirmations, then I headed out the door. I turned off the radio in my car and continued saying affirmations for the drive. When I came home that evening, I had a phone message waiting from a place I’d worked as a sub for a total of 20 hours. “There’s a job opportunity for a position here. We’d like you to interview—tomorrow, if you can.” The job came to me. It’s 12 miles away, same amount of money, and non-traffic hours.

The subconscious mind supports our beliefs. If something “good” isn’t manifesting for you, take a look at three things:

  •  Your beliefs shown through your thinking and wording. Don’t get freaked out about the occasional goof. Don’t give it power. Just continue to adjust your course and you’ll get where you want.
  • Staying the course includes not switching back and forward on your desire. It’s completely fine to change your mind, but if you swing from yes-no, yes-no, back to yes—or is it no? your outcome will either take a long time, or you’ll have a wishy-washy result. The more clear you are, the more clear your results. Remember, the subconscious mind can only accept and proceed. It cannot rationalize, question, or debate. Only your conscious mind can do that. If you attain what you thought you wanted, and later decide you don’t, or you decide you just want a change, the conscious mind directs the subconscious mind to get to work.
  •  Sometimes things do take time. The grant I received, for instance, worked perfectly for me when it happened, years after my firmly stating my claim.

The next time someone asks, How are you doing? you might just want to reply, “Business is great, and people are wonderful!


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