Paul Nicklen’s Tales of Ice-Bound Wonderlands

 image credit: Google

I believe we each have Spirit Guides, (also known as Power Animals, or Animal Totems). One of my Spirit Guides is the polar bear. I believe it’s been one of my guides since childhood, coming and going in my life for spiritual and life lessons. I have self-imposed pressure to physically go see the polar bears in their natural habitat.

Somehow, I’m drawn to travel to cold places in the autumn or winter. Born and raised in Southern California, I’ve been to Norway and Sweden several times, Lapland once, and Wellington New Zealand—while it didn’t have snow, it had plenty of rain and gale force winds. My next trip is to Alaska—in the fall.

Antarctica’s on my list, but doesn’t have the urgency the Arctic holds for me. This is even more true after hearing an interview with Paul Nicklen, seeing the TED video, and visiting his website. He’s got a new fan in me, that’s for sure.

I was listening to the radio, which led me to the internet, which led me to a TED video. Please watch and share this video with your friends. It’s a 17:55 minute presentation by Paul Nicklen. He’s a biologist turned photographer with a really interesting story and phenomenal photography. His heart is really into what he does.

This video will make your heart sing—and sink. Are you aware there was NO mention by either of the main party candidates for president about global warming? NO moderator asking the question? Then Sally shows up and for one week the issue surfaces. Where will we as a nation and individuals take it from here?  How do you  in your own way protect, and educate others about the  ice-bound wonderlands? Thanks, Paul!



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