Get organized

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I’m a pretty organized person. I’ve helped others get organized, and de-clutter. I have not used or even seen the “Lemon App” but I read about it in Money Magazine, and it sounded interesting for users who have piles of receipts. Anyone familiar with this app?

Do you want to have less clutter and be more organized? Having trouble categorizing files you make? The free Lemon app (available for Android phones, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone) may be your sweet answer. I haven’t tried it, but it’s on my list. Here’s the idea:

Snap a photo of the receipt. Add a label. You could call it “personal” or “business.” Lemon arranges the receipt within the label you give it, and also the type of spending on the receipt, such as “food and dining.” You can view a breakdown of information on the app, and at If you don’t have a smart phone, you can enter information from receipts manually onto your own computer, which you may already be doing now.

Use your best judgment and talk with your accountant. I’ve heard two theories on this. One is that paper is better. Make sure you write in pen date, cost, purpose, and description because receipt ink fades. The other view is computer is better, keeping confirmations, receipts, and details.


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