You Are Abundant!

 This man is giving his shoes to this woman.

Thanks to the people who’ve shared this photo—it’s floating around the internet and Facebook.


Feeling the money crunch? Change your thinking. It’ll shift your actions—which will alter your experience.

Do you see yourself as broke? What do you tell yourself and others about who you are? Do you think or say, “I can’t.” “I’m broke.” “I have to.” Those are lies. Begin with being 100% honest with yourself. You are provided for. Do you have more than one pair of shoes? More than one outfit? A computer? A refrigerator? —With food inside? And somedays you throw food away! Indeed, you are provided for.

If you find yourself in fear about money. Stop. Listen to you talk. Be aware of your thoughts. I believe prayer is to change our consciousness, not God’s. In The Lord’s Prayer it says, “Give us this day our daily bread.” It’s not about asking for next month’s rent. It’s to remind us, not God, that all is well. Prayer isn’t about, “Gimme more.” Prayer is about changing our thinking. When do you pray? Maybe out of gratitude, but often, it’s when a change is desired.

We’re provided for. Look for how you’re taken care of and more of the experience of being taken care of will show up in your life. Money may be tight for you, but you feel guided to give a dollar or more to someone, or to get them water on a hot day, or a warm drink on a cold day. You’ll go home feeling like a millionaire if you follow through on your desire to share a little something.

When you get home, you may find a neighbor left a treat—tonight’s dinner on your doorstep. (But it began with you.) You must first show yourself you trust the process of life. You must reach out to others to prove it to yourself that you’re taken care of. It works. If you doubt it, get going. Go out and look for all the ways the Universe conspires to support you! Take the first step. Have fun! Let us know how it goes!

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