What is God?


Photo By Claudia Mulcahy

If you’re not comfortable with the word God, use the word Spirit, Energy, Universe—or Fred! It’s a name. It responds to you at your vibrational level.

We’re often raised being told what God is. One day we say, “That’s not what I believe” but we seldom dig beneath the surface to find out what we do believe. By not doing this, we live in a state of mediocrity at best, not bold enough to learn our deep personal beliefs. If this speaks to you, get a pad of paper, a pen, and give yourself a minimum of 10-15 minutes without any interruption.

  •  On the top of the piece of paper write: What do I believe God is?
  • Half way down the piece of paper, write: How do I think God works in my life? 
  • Meditate. Get to alpha state – ask the first question, then write. Do NOT read or edit. Wait for the next answer to come to you then write more. When things stop coming through, stop. Now read what you’ve written. Repeat this for the second question.


A Cleansing Exercise:

See pure white Light of God (or whatever you’re comfortable calling it) moving in and down top of your head, moving through every cell of your body. The white Light moves out into your auric field, and is egg shape, moving in, around, through and for you. See the spiral move through you, top to bottom, cleansing all, and becoming brighter and brighter because it is taking the grey/darkness with it. When it reaches the ground, send it down into earth completely. It will take the dark particles with it, out into the universe, and change them back into a neutral state to create something new. Then have a spiral come up from the ground and go through your body from feet on up. This time, the Light is brilliantly bright, and anything that may have stayed behind on the first sweep, is dislodged on this trip upward. It’s as if the spiral has a leaf-blower on top, and is blasting any debris up and out. When it reaches the top, the spiral keeps moving up/outward, and the debris is far out into the universe, where, again it goes back into its neutral form for someone to create with.

Mmmm… You’ll feel wonderful! That’s Universal energy speaking through and as you. Shine! When you FEEL it, That’s the UNIFICATION with Divine energy. You are never separate. Not ever. Consciously take in your next breath. Ahhhh! Enjoy!


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