National Thrift Shop Day


My Monkey Sweater

August 15th is National Thrift Shop Day.When’s the last time you paid full price for clothing? Have you recently found a thrift store, or resale shop that you wouldn’t have stepped into a few years ago? I don’t really enjoy shopping. Basically, my aversion is based on the styles I don’t like, prices I won’t pay, and the hassle of figuring out what size I am at which store or with which brand. I did find a real gem at a store a year ago. At a thrift store, right next to grocery store. I zipped into this “high end” thrift shop and immediately found a darling sweater with monkeys and date trees—and the original tag still on. The sweater was brand new, too cute and out of the box to pass up. It’s become the perfect top to wear to any jury duty summons. (It brings back memories of being a kid. “Order in the court. Order in the court. The first one to speak is a monkey for the week!”.) Here’s a link to the National Association of Resale Professional’s Industry Stats and Trends

Check your budget, then go check out a resale shop or thrift store. You just might find you have things to drop off as well. . .


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