Too Many Goals; Not Meeting Any of Them


Thanks to Google for the image

Some people set goals. Lots of them. It’s important to set goals, but when we don’t have laser-focus on the end result, we’re the ping-pong ball in the ocean. It’s better to have fewer, related goals. For instance, if you have financial goals that aren’t related, you may have too many thing you feel you need to save for, and may end up taking no action, or feeling you’ve lost the battle already, so why bother?

Set up to three goals in each area of life. Write them down and the theme of the three goals. A theme for instance, “My trip to Africa.” Write down what that means to you. Who, What, When, Where, Why, How. Who’s going – especially if you’re paying for them. What’s your plan – even if you’re a spontaneous backpacker, you’ve got to have enough put aside to allow you to keep back packing – do you plan to start in Africa, then travel around the world for a year? When’s the trip/event? – when’s the money going to be pulled? Where will you be traveling, moving, paying for a family member going to school, etc.? How will you save for the trip?

Describe it. Bring it alive to you. Have a picture of the item, experience, or someone you’re saving for in your wallet, or at your desk to remind you why you’re working the job you are, or not spending your money on something spontaneous. The picture will perk you up, and get you back into the mindset of your goal.

Thanks to Google for the image


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