Who Wants Popcorn? Everyone!


Thanks Google Image for photo

This week a neighbor and I were talking about childhood memories. Of course, that led to talking about popcorn. My neighbor was the first one to actually say, “Jiffy Pop.” When his wife asked, “What’s that?” We both went into a far more detailed explanation than she cared for, I’m sure.

Before microwaves and  really noisy tabletop popcorn poppers, Jiffy Pop was a must have for a kid who saw it in the grocery store. It’s foil packaging was a small pie-pan shape with a handle like a short fly-swatter. As the popcorn popped, the foil would expand into a silver dome, opening to show off the glory!  For me, Jiffy Pop was a super-special treat. The sound of popcorn pinging on the thin foil cover was so exciting. The foil busting open.—And the adrenaline rush that at any moment it could turn into a smelly, blackened mess. Mom HAD to get it right. Partly for the crowd of cheers that could easily turn sour, and partly because it was such a special treat, I’m sure it was considered expensive. My friends’ parent’s used a pan and oil. It wasn’t as fun to watch, and when it did burn the smell lingered longer.

After our popcorn conversation, I came across the post below that I’m re-blogging (or, am I pinging?) Either way, thanks Lesley! May you enjoy many movie nights, and create fantastic childhood memories for your daughter. Who Wants Popcorn? Everyone!

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