Travel Fees

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Most airlines charge $25-$40 to check the first and second bag on domestic flights. A passenger flying American Airlines between U.S. and Japan was charged $900 round trip  to check a 71 pound bag. No wonder people try to cram backpacks in the overhead bins! The airlines have decided to make the overhead bins bigger—and start charging for their use ($50-$75). Why aren’t people encouraged to travel light, or to ground-ship larger, heavier items? According to July, 2012, ground shipping a 60 pound bag from New York to Miami via Fed-Ex cost $51 versus $100 with an airline. I’ve shipped boxes rather than pay double to an airline! It’s way less hassle, way less expensive, and my box is waiting for me when I arrive. People give me an odd look getting on the plane with just my small carry-on. How times have changed.

Luggage isn’t the only new charge. Now, if you don’t print out your boarding pass before departure, you’ll be charged $5 at the ticket counter; $2 at the kiosk. Before your return trip, use the hotel business center. If you’re staying with a friend, hope they have a working printer, and the two of you can figure out how to get what you need from your computer or phone to a piece of paper from their printer.

With air travel officially a hassle, what plans do you have for upcoming vacations? Local tourist day trips? Yard work? House work? Eh. . . better keep a small carry-on handy. Be nice to your flight attendants and play well with others. Happy Travels!

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