Fourth of July

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Does seeing the flag remind you, we have rights. We also have duties?

I listened to this week’s interview from the show, On Being. The guest, Jacob Needleman is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at San Francisco State University and author of The American Soul. I really enjoyed the first half, on the aspects of “God” and the foundation of this country.

Needleman talks about The Laws of Nature; The Laws of God (actually, that’s the only sentence with the word “God” in the declaration of independence. This view of God is from the Age of Enlightenment, which many religious people brush over, if not blow off. Independent of any religious sector, there was agreement in a higher power by the founders of our country. They were not Right wing, or Left wing. They were leaving religious persecution, but not a higher power they knew to exist.

Here’s the hour long interview: The Inward Work of Democracy with Jacob Needleman

We are one big family, with extended family world wide on this planet.

Happy Birthday, America!


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