Is a pet in your budget?

We hear about people setting up a college fund for their kids before even having them. Do you have a budget for your pet? Set one up. If your pet will have a special bed, house, door, etc, make sure it’s in the budget. Include the obvious: Food, supplies such as bowls, leashes or litter box. Toys, training or resources; pet-sitters or boarding—and vet bills. You’ll have them. They’ll range from shots, spaying or neutering, routine care and preventive medications and supplements.

I’ve seen yearly estimates ranging from $300. – $5,000. for cats, and $1,000. to $9,000. for dogs as a good budget plan. The main idea to keep in mind is that pets are expensive. You’re a guardian for that life. Take care of it from beginning to end. Please consider adopting a pet from a shelter if you’re looking for a pet.


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