Attitude and $avings

 I recently heard an interview with Jason Mraz on NPR – All Things Considered, Weekends. If you’ve not heard his personal life philosophy, or music, I encourage you to go to the link below and read or listen to the interview, and his song, “93 Million Miles.” His latest album: Love is a Four Letter Word.

During the interview, Jason Mraz said he knew a relationship break up he had while working on this album didn’t define him. I love that! No matter what we experience in life – good or bad – it does not define who we are. Never confuse your net worth with your self worth. Nor decide if your neighbor is wealthy by the car they drive.

—Which reminds me of the Freakonomics radio show on 5/12/12: By going to the link below, you should be able to hear the podcast through iTunes. The shows are added about a week after they air. In short, half of Americans surveyed said they could not come up with $2,000.00 in thirty days if needed. (Their income didn’t make a difference.)

That $2,000.00 could be a car radiator, a trip for funeral/memorial, or other unexpected expenses. If you are in this category, begin now to put aside money with every paycheck. Even if it’s $10.00. Seriously. Yes, ideally, more would be great—but if you begin with “I can’t save any money” and move to “I’m saving $10.00 a paycheck” It adds up.



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