What will you do?

Years ago I knew a woman who would  say, “Give the Dalai Lama a wife and three kids, and we’ll see how peaceful he is!” Ideally, it’s not our situation that decides if we’re at peace or not. It’s our perception. It’s how we respond, not react to life.

Last week, the Dalai Lama was in San Diego, CA. In one of his talks he said, “When you lose your temper, bite your knuckles.”

His interpreter explained that in Tibetan, the words temper and knuckles rhyme. The point being, you cannot change the moment. The car in front of you has already cut you off, or the child in line at the store is tired, hungry, and crying. By biting your knuckles, you shift your attention from the car or child.

In my house growing up, we had a similar saying, a Swedish proverb my mom passed down:

“To forget your troubles, wear tight shoes.”


What will you do to shift your focus from a situation you cannot change?

Change your thinking, change your life.




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