Honey Do List (or did she mean honey dew?)

Did your partner/spouse write: honey dew—or honey, do. If it’s on the list, and you don’t understand it, ask. It’ll save you time, effort and money. I was in the store with someone who’s spouse gave them a list. We got to the isle with foil. Deer in headlights. “What?! It just says ‘foil’.” What kind? Heavy? Earth friendly? Big box? Small? This became a major decision. The person wondered if they got the cheap stuff would they get busted at home. If they got the expensive stuff, would they—get busted at home. . .

For two reasons, I highly suggest communication if one writes a list, and the other does the foot work. (If you’re the person going to the store, you could also look for visual cues at home in the kitchen before heading out. Then you know if the foil box is blue, green, white, long or not.

Here are some questions to think about that will save you money:

– Do you impulse shop at the grocery store? (Make a list. Stick to it.)

– Do you thumb your nose at store-brands, without having tried them? (Some are just as good, or better than national brands. Some are awful. You’ll know after one try.)

– Do you look at the weekly flyer before going into the store? (You have one stick of butter left – but you’re not out. This may be the week the butter you like is on sale. Wait 1-2 weeks, and you may pay full price for that butter no longer on sale.)

– Do you have and use the store club-savings card? (I use to give my advice to the store managers on this one. “Just lower your prices and don’t make us all carry these cards, or give a phone number.”)

– Do you make a list before going shopping? (Even if you put ice cream on the list, make the list. It helps keep you conscious of what you’re buying – and eating. It (I hope) will make you stop and re-think what you’re doing if you see: ice cream, cookies, doughnuts, diet coke.

  • Do you warehouse shop? (If you don’t have storage, split purchases with friends/neighbors/family)

These are just some ideas for grocery shopping. By combining these ideas, you can cut your total grocery bill by 60%.

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