“I Do”

Nine out of ten married people avoid talking to their partner about money!

I almost fell off my chair with those American Express poll results!

It got me wondering. Do any of these sound familiar?

  •  Do you and your partner talk about money?
  • Do you have at least one set time each month to talk about money?
  • Do you talk about money in spiritual terms -i.e. “Prosperity is recognition of divine supply.”
  • Do you hide things you buy from your partner?
  • Did you talk about money with each other before marriage?
  • Do you talk to your kids (any age) about money?
  •  If you’re not married, do you ever talk about money on dates? Even if only about who pays for tab and why. Is it always him? What if she makes more money? What if she’s the one cooking, cleaning, or driving to see him? What if they make the same amount? or if one’s always “out” of cash? How do you work it out?

Let’s hear from you.


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