Saving Versus Spending (Part III of III)

Spending can be good, too. If all we do is save, we can get uptight. Feeling like the world is passing us by. It’s hits especially hard if we don’t like our job, continue to get hit with daily interest rates, or constantly say, “No” to invitations.

By spending, we have food on our table. We support charities, gift those we love, and help the communities in which we live. To spend, we may need to prioritize. Wanting to show our love for someone doesn’t need to carry a price tag we can’t bare. Having fun should include after the fact, too, so we don’t dread the bills. Can you look back and say, “I’m really glad I did that!” We may opt to spend now on a lower scale, or save now to bust-a-move later! Can you imagine having that wild something paid off before you get it? Nice!


Are you a saver, or spender?

Do you have tricks, or rewards for saving?

If you’re a saver* – what would help you lighten up and spend more?

If you’re a spender– what would help you straighten up to save some?

*(Keep in mind, it’s never “someone else’s” actions that change yours.)


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