Saving Versus Spending (Part I)

In relationships, there’s usually a saver and a spender. Take a look at what’s behind your saving and spending.

Do you save out of fear of running out, or that you’ll never have enough?

Do you spend because you feel you “deserve” that item or experience?

If you save out of fear, you’re drawing to you that emotion, that energy of fear—and connecting it to money. Change your view from “there’s never enough” to I’m provided for, and there’s plenty more for me! Spirit—not your job, spouse, or lotto winnings is your source. (Avenues of income are channels, but only Spirit provides those channels.)

If you spend out of the need to reward yourself, pull back the curtain. Is there something behind that? Don’t you deserve to be free of debt? Free from worry about bills? We all deserve nice things. Every single one of us. That feeling of “I deserve it” is sometimes more a demand. A scream,  “Give it to me!” And that’s coming from a feeling of having to fight to get something—and when we fight to get something, we have to fight to keep it.


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