Hello? Hell-ooooo. . .

Do you have a cell phone?

What do you pay monthly for your cell phone and service provider? Would you consider downgrading your phone, plan, or giving up a cell phone completely in order to save money? Do you use Google Voice? Skype? A calling card to save money?


You may say, “I have the phone incase of an emergency.”

Is that “in-case-of-emergency-phone” a pay as you go one? Or do you pay $50.00, $70.00, $100.00 a month—and use that “emergency phone” for everyday use because you’re paying for it?


“I need it for my job.”

Do you really? Does that “phone-for-employment-purposes” pay for itself?

“I don’t have a land-line.”

Would a land-line fit into your budget without a cell phone? (We’re talking money, not convenience/luxury/habit.)


. . . Just wondering.


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